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5 Reasons Why People Keep Having Ant Problems in their Home

Ants are commonly found pests all over the world. They are found on almost every place on the earth whether it is a paved floor, muddy surfaces, dunes, indoor, or outdoor.

Ants are commonly found pests all over the world. They are found on almost every place on the earth whether it is a paved floor, muddy surfaces, dunes, indoor, or outdoor. However, they live in selected places with specific conditions they like. Ants prefer to live in humid, rather warm, and a sticky environment.

The presence of these pests can be ignored if found in usual places as they are deemed harmless. However, their presence in a few places such as the kitchen requires immediate attention as they can affect the environment seriously. So, if you frequently sight ants in your home, do not take a long time before contacting ant control Surrey services. 

Our homes are favorite residential places for the ants because of favorable temperature, easy availability of food, and several other factors. Thus, the people keep having ants problem in their homes often. Following are reasons for an ant infestation and having their presence problem in homes.


Collected Trash is also a source of attractants in the house. It usually contains the remaining sweet foods, peals of vegetables, and fruits which attract the ants extensively. We used to sweep out garbage containing sugar, etc. into a trash bucket that also becomes favorite stuff for the ants. So, these things call the ants for the infestation in homes.

You should avoid the trash getting huge, and try to dispose of it more frequently. The use of polythene bags to cover-in the home and throw away is also a good way for restricting the ants. If a trash box with a proper lid is used it can also help to overcome the ant's infestation in the housing units. 

Dirty and Sticky Surface

Surfaces of the kitchen floor or shelves are often sticky due to the oil spoilage, sweets edibles, or falling of foods, etc. As these edible attract the insects to gather in the home, ants infest in the home and then increase to manifolds due to reproduction, specifically in the summer season.

Try to keep your home ants free using various approaches as they can affect the home’s environment inversely. Wash the floor and shelves immediately if they get sticky with any of the sweet, edible, or oily sources. One will, otherwise, surely be facing the problem of the ant's presence in the home.

Accessibility to Sweet Items

Sweets or sweet items are favorite foods for ants. The presence of the sweets in the house attracts the ants; they reach the places with their good sniffing ability. The kitchen is a place that contains more sweet foods and allows the ants to enter the kitchen that seriously affects the hygienic environment in this area.

We should keep and preserve the sweet foods, especially sugar in an air-tight box that does not allow ants to trace the presence of these edibles. Further, all the sweet edibles, deserts, could be kept in the refrigerator to avoid the accessibility of ants. Immediately washing the utensils used for cooking and eating sweets can also help us to restrict the ants from coming into the houses.

Uncovered Food Items

Foods are a great source of attractiveness for the ants and the kitchen are hubs for such things in the homes. Kitchens are a paradise for the ants. So, controlling them to come into the kitchen will automatically overcome their presence in your housing unit.

The residents often face the problem of ant's presence in the homes due to giving easy accessibility of food to the ants. So, always try to keep covering your food. The ants will never infest in the house if the food is fully controlled to get available to them. The ants are present in places only where the food is available easily. Restricting the food availability to ants will force these pests to migrate from your housing units.

Improper Ventilation in Homes

Improper ventilation in the houses also invites the ants to infest.  Less ventilation leads to a rather warm temperature in the house which is an extremely favorable reproduction condition for the ants. The ants try to infest in a place where there is a proper environment for them with all aspects, whether the availability of food, reproduction ease, and residential convenience.  

In all, the presence and infestation of ants could be restricted by using tested tactics. However, for the best solution, hire the best pest control Surrey BC. Make sure the company you have selected specialize in ant infestation.

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