Why the end of tenancy cleaning is important?

If you live in a rented house, you probably know about tenancy cleaning services. Guarantee your deposit by hiring professionals.

What exactly is the tenancy cleaning? It is intended for renters or owners who need a thorough cleaning of their property. If you are a tenant leaving a place, you want to make sure it is in perfect condition. Otherwise, you may not receive your deposit when you leave the property. If you are a landlord, you may have retained a property that has not been cleaned to the standard required to show the new tenants.

Cleaning is very important when renting a property. If the property is not in perfect condition, it may be difficult to find a new tenant to accept the property.

Importance of tenancy cleaning

When a tenant wants to hand over the keys of the property to his landlord, he faces an extensive list of cleaning tasks that can be very tedious and expensive. Should you finish the cleaning yourself? Many people would agree with this statement, but if the tenants do more research, they will find that no one can thoroughly clean up the end of the lease. It is not as easy as it seems.

In general, the landlord always takes a deposit, and the exact amount depends on the agency, the size and price of the property or the landlord himself if he rents them privately. To ensure that this deposit is returned, the property must be in the condition in which it was found when moving. A professional cleaning service can save the tenant a lot of money and is usually also part of the concluded rental agreement. It is signed by.

A tenancy cleaning is a very important step that homeowners cannot ignore as it can lead to more consequences than the disappointment of incoming tenants. Creating a hygienic and inviting environment is one of the main priorities of cleaners. The decision not to carry out a professional cleaner can cause the first negative impressions of new tenants and subsequent complaints.

What’s including in tenancy cleaning?

It is not enough to hire a cleaning company to clean it. It must be a professional deep clean that meets the strict inventory cleaning checklists. Even if you have no inventory at the landlord or agent, you can have your own cleaning lists.

How much it cost?

It really varies depending on the size of the property and if you need carpet cleaning. Many companies offer cost-effective cleaning, and you can pay more in the long run if you do not get it right the first time.

Do tenancy cleaning by myself?

I would advise against it. The company uses professional chemicals and special equipment for cleaning and may need up to half a day for thorough cleaning. In most cases, your landlord or agent needs a receipt from a cleaning company.

  • Kitchen tenancy cleaning

The kitchen is one of the most important areas for cleaning, but also one of the areas where dirt and dirt accumulate more easily.

First, look at the sink. Depending on how tidied your tenants are, this may require some work. The tenancy cleaning of the kitchen needs some basic tools, including scratch-resistant abrasives, a spray bottle, and a special cleaning fluid. The exact method you use depends on the material your sink is made of. Most commonly, however, stainless steel is used. Hob is the place which can be extremely dirty. It will require some fat at the elbow, but you will see the results quickly. 

  • Tenancy cleaning of bathroom

The next and important step in the bathroom. Here are a number of different areas that may require different devices. The professionals focus on the sink, bathroom and bathtub tiles and the toilet. If you take a shower, you should also work on the showerhead and on the mortar.

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