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5 Reasons Why Thane Should Be Your Next Home

If you are relocating, then think of Thane as your next home. Here’s why:

The last few years have witnessed the incredible metamorphosis of Thane. Some of the most wonderful things have happened to this region with both commercial and industrial developers eyeing the property to create some of the biggest projects. Real estate in Thane is booming. Particularly, the property for sale in Thane is flourishing at a fast pace.

Owing to the constant development and progress going on in the area, the city has become one of the country’s smart ones. Thane exudes an old-world charm even though many modern developments are happening in the area.

If you are relocating, then think of Thane as your next home. Here’s why:

Enjoy Latest Facilities with Gorgeous Views

Thane is bestowed with nature’s beauty. There is Yeoor Hills and the beautiful Upvan Lake. The residential communities, whether they feature apartments or homes, are equipped with the best amenities for a comfortable living. You can also enjoy the scenic views from the window. Living in Thane lets you live right in the midst of nature.

Impressive Road Connectivity

Thane is located nearby Igatpuri, Pune, and Lonavala. Owing to the incredible road mapping and infrastructure, you can easily go out on weekends with friends and family and enjoy these spots. Furthermore, living in Thane  will give you many opportunities to take a road trip through the Eastern Expressway that is less than a km away from Pokhran Road 2.

International Educational Institutions

More people, particularly young couples with children, are flocking towards Thane due to the educational institutions located here. The region is home to some of the top-notch international educational institutes like CP Goenka and Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania. Both the school buildings enjoy a strategic location.

Great Places to Shop

Two of the most famous malls in Thane are the Korum and Viviana. You can get everything and anything from there. Other than that, there are many stores and shops in the area along with many eating options.

Finest Hospitals

The ability to get immediate and effective medical assistance is one of the most important considerations while choosing a home. Thane is home to two of the best hospitals the region ever produced, Jupiter and Behany. The staff is diligent, efficient, experienced, and highly skilled. The medical equipment and technology being used are state of the art.

Although property prices have jumped considerably in recent years, people continue to find a home here. There is something special about Thane that attracts people. It has the potential to become an urban heaven where residents can also find some of the latest facilities. You can browse flats in Balkum Thane as well as Thane West.

All in all, moving to Thane is a decision you will never regret as the city welcomes everyone with open arms and provides everything you can think of having for a peaceful life. Consult a reliable real estate agent so he can find you a property in Thane that best suits your needs and requirements.



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