Custom Printed Bookmarks

5 super solutions for easier and more affordable bookmarks printing

Are you finding the best techniques to reduce the cost of bookmarks printing? Congrats, you’ve come to the right place, we’re discussing the best tactics to do so.

Although people love using bookmarks, no one would like to spend a lot of money on bookmarks printing. They are a very basic item, and excessive spending on them does not make any sense. Therefore you must know a few interesting and key techniques through which the cost that incurs in their printing decreases. Let’s share some of the useful tactics which can help you in doing so. 


Cheaper Printing:

The latest technology has led to the availability of various printing techniques in the market. These are up for grabs at different prices, and thus the results of each of the techniques are different. Whereas the cheapest and lowest quality printing is not recommended to print bookmarks, spending hundreds of bucks in trying to overly beautify the bookmarks is not a great strategy either.

If one chooses to go for raised ink technique for their bookmarks, they’re probably wasting their hard-earned money because they are not going to make a lot of difference. The optimum point lies in between both extremes. Neither should one approach only the highest quality printing techniques which empty their pockets, not should the undermost kind considered which wears off easily be used. Rather, a printing technique that would be durable and not very expensive should be used. 


Affordable Materials:

Some status-conscious people may overthink about the quality of the material that is being used in the custom bookmarks. Out of confusion and over-efficiency, they are likely to choose the highest quality material, as they believe that it would provide a much more premium and high-end look.

This is a mere myth since the quality of the material that is used in bookmarks does not matter. Regardless of the material, the bookmark would provide with its required utility, hence directing a hefty amount on the quality of the material is not a very shrewd decision. Customized Bookmarks are simpler papers and cardboards would also work for this purpose and would not matter a lot; hence they should be used since they cost much lower than their premium counterparts. 


Inexpensive Inks:

Printed bookmarks are the latest trend in the market, and everyone wishes to have one. In an attempt to create a better design than each other, people often spend way too much money on the inks that are needed for printing. Though the looks of the bookmark reflect the personality of the reader, the money that s/he spends on the bookmark doesn’t.

Therefore, rather than spending excessively on fancier inks such as metallic and neon inks, one should focus on the design of the bookmark. As far as the ink is concerned, one that is long-lasting and does not fade should be used. However, the high-class ones, like the ones mentioned, should have abstained since they are mere excuses for increasing the cost of printing bookmarks. 


Curtailed Décor:

The craze of personalized bookmarks has taken over readers, especially the young ones, by a storm. Everyone wants to own a bookmark that has been made to their demands and includes ornaments and decorative of their choice.

This is a justifiable and reasonable demand, however, wanting to add extremely expensive and valuable items to the bookmark such as gold-plated ropes and chains as well as ropes and expensive figurines to the bookmark is a mere wastage of money.

A reasonable quantity of decoration is going to help it look better, for instance, if a customer wishes to place a ribbon of their choice or glitter glue rather than the normal one, it does make sense, and is suitable. However, exceeding these limits is not going to be a wise decision and would add extensively to the cost of the simple item. 


Simpler Designs:

One should not just focus on reducing the cost of their bookmark but also make the whole process easier and swifter, as this automatically decreases the price. This can be done through numerous techniques, but the most suitable and feasible one is to make the designs simpler.

When the customer demand designs that require a lot of color changes and include a lot of illustrations, printing becomes a time-taking process. If such designs are avoided, the task would be completed more quickly and effectively without incurring a lot of costs.  

If you are not gratified with the price offered by your provider, you may consult these points and make the subsequent changes to the design and printing, as they would lead to a major decrease in costs. It would ensure that the bookmark now falls within your range, and so, you would not stay deprived of such an essential.

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