Table Tents

Why table tents printing is beneficial for your fast food business

Use table tents for advertising your fast-food business. Attract the customers by offering them a colorful, attractive display of the food items using these cards.

Table Tents are known as the source of displaying business products along with generating sales and attracting a greater number of customers for different business types. The restaurant and food businesses are benefiting from these the most. These are available in multiple sizes and types, along with the illustrations and designs of your choice. Almost all the restaurants were using these for promotional purposes by displaying their menu cards and discounted offers via this platform. Apart from these, an extensive list of goals can be achieved by using these displayed items which are placed on the table. It is the latest and one of the most reliable forms of marketing.


The success of any business revolves around the perfect marketing and brand awareness campaigns. Keeping this in view, Table Tents are the need of the hour for the business industries, especially the food business arena. They help you to display all of your discounted offers along with the list of available dishes. All this is portrayed with the help of colorful designs and attractive themes to attract and convince a large number of customers.

Let’s find out about how these table displays can be beneficial for your fast-food business.

Uses Mouth-Watering Images:

When we talk about fast-food business, the only thing that can attract customers is a perfect image of your favorite food. We all have a weak point for such tempting visuals of burgers or pizzas. This is exactly why you should design the display with great care and attention. The first thing that you notice while entering and sitting on a chair in the restaurant are the table tent cards. So, one must design these cards by using high-definition images of the food items that are available there. This would compel the visitors to try the food at least once. Make sure to use original pictures of the food that is being presented to the customers in your place. Don’t go for the pictures taken from the web.


Displays your Best-sellers:

It is difficult to accommodate all the available fast-food items in one place. Therefore, when dealing with table tent printing, always keep in mind to display your most selling items because, in this way, there will be a high chance to gain customer satisfaction. You can go with your special product. The option of displaying the newest additions is valid too. If you try to accommodate all the food items on a single display, that might confuse the customer a little bit. Therefore it is necessary to focus on quality instead of quantity while designing the display of these cards.


Best for Promotional Deals:

Printed Table Tents can be a good source to display your discounted offers and promotional offers. It has been noted that the customers prefer a promotional offer most of the time as it gives them a feeling that they saved some money. So, table cards can be the best option to display such deals that might attract customers a bit more. The attention-grabbing feature of these displays can be used to generate more leads for your fast-food business. The point which must be given due importance here is that always offer them what they want to from you and not what you want to give them.

Give a Customized Look:

A colorful theme, an attractive design, and displaying the company logo is as important as the selection of perfect food images. Custom Printed Table Tents give you a chance to design the card according to your own choice. Use a catchy tagline to get the attention of the customers. The color scheme must be in accordance with the products you are dealing with. You can go for happy faces while showing your “happy meal.” You can use the photos of the children while displaying the food items that are liked by the kids. Such customizations and out of the box thinking can certainly be more helpful for your fast-food business than you might think.


The use of the table tent cards can be made effective if you design them by using a perfect them, color scheme, and attractive illustrations. This is one of the latest marketing tricks that is being used to attract a greater number of customers for your fast-food business. Use them to grab the attention of the visitors. You might have heard, “the first impression is the last impression,” so these display cards can certainly help you with an exciting first impression for the customers.

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