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5 Business Development Tips for Lawyers during COVID-19


In the legal world, to be known is the key to survival. If your market does not know about your presence, how will you offer your exemplary services? The logic applies to both individually practicing lawyers as well as law firms business setup services in india and around the world, businesses have been hit badly by the COVID-19 crisis. And there isn’t a time better than this to let people know about the range of legal services that you provide.

To put things in perspective, the term 'business development' is somewhat amorphous. The meaning and diverse applications vary from one line of work to another. What business development means to someone working in marketing could differ from the perspective of someone in finance. The same goes for lawyers.

Promoting your law firm like any other business may not turn out to be good for the firm. Instead, the focus should be on providing something that adds value to your client, i.e. helpful and effective legal advice. Sounds simple? Let’s delve into the specifics.

Here are a few business development tips for lawyers and law firms:


  • Devil is in the Details – Every business is scaling down during these times, boiling down their activities to the things that they can do best. This reduces costs and at the same time provides superior value to consumers. A similar strategy should now be adopted by law firms in India, following suit of global firms. It is feasible to focus on what your core values are and where your core strength lies.


Cut down on the kinds of cases you service, and only go for the ones that match your strengths. You will be able to better satisfy your clients this way. In the process, you will also be able to put your best foot forward and help your clients in the most effective way possible. The same applies to the kind of legal services you offer. A happy and satisfied client will bring in more clients that match your agendas.


  • Visibility – As we mentioned earlier, visibility is the key. Economic conditions are not very good both nationally and internationally. Consequently, getting new business and clientele would be tough. In this case it is a great idea to be visible at places where people spend most of their time.

But, what are these places? Social Media!


You could use any platform as per your liking, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram!


Another way to increase your visibility would be sharing posts from other accounts and posting your content in relevant niches. For instance, if you are a firm that deals with real estate law, then you have these niches to post in – legal, real estate, law firms, real estate lawyers, real estate law firms, etc. You can also use hashtags, which is the internet's way of separating posts. Every niche generally has its hashtag. You can use that to expand your reach.


  • Consistency & Regularity – Rome was not built in a day and business development is no different. Activity is much more effective when it is done consistently and regularly. Consider dedicating a fraction of your time daily to strategically market yourself. This way, you will steadily increase your visibility and promote your firm, without burdening yourself too much.


  • Utilize Your Network –If you are a legal professional with some degree of experience, you would have created a great network during all that time. Now is the time to access that network for your benefit. Try getting in touch people who would help you grow. You may even call in some favors from the people who owe you. This way, your firm will have a more significant reach amongst the people.


Finalize a list of the people who you think would be of help, and get in touch with them. They could include anyone from your past clients to your law school friends. Schedule a set number of phone calls for each day and have friendly conversations with people like your current and past clients. There's a good chance that you might stumble upon new business opportunities in the process.


  • Value-Adding Content – If you’re a content creator for a law firm or just a litigator who can write well, this is your time. Try creating value-adding legal content and share it on the social media platforms where you’re active. A few pieces of thorough, well-written content automatically establish you as an expert in the respective field and in your reader’s mind.



In summary, it can be said that work on your strengths and reduce the diversity you have in your clientele and services offered. Establish yourself as an expert by regularly putting out well-written, objective content. Furthermore, use your network to promote your litigation business. All these points will enable you and your firm to make the most out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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