5 Things to Ensure While Washing Machine Removal in Melbourne

5 Things to Ensure While Washing Machine Removal in Melbourne

Whether you are moving within Melbourne or to some other city, packing the household items on your own can be a daunting task.

That is why there are professional movers in Melbourne providing you top-notch services. However, regardless of whether you plan to hire a mover or move things on your own, there is some amount of safety measures you need to ensure.

Appliances like washing machines or refrigerators are not only heavyweight but also sophisticated to handle.

Hence, washing machine removal requires the right packing techniques that we will share here. Even if you hire reliable professionals, knowing these techniques will help you further in ensuring a safe removal.

Washing machine removal requires a proper plan and execution and therefore, here are the 5 things that you need to ensure before the day of shifting.

These tips are shared by none other than the experts to provide you with enough options before you hire the professionals.

However, opting for a professional service always saves you valuable time and energy.

#1 Packing Essentials and Equipment

You need to prepare the packing essentials and equipment before the day you move the washing machine. Some of the essentials are appliance box (corrugated cardboard box carton) of the right size, wrapping rolls or sheets, furniture blankets, and padding supplies, buckets, packing tape, zippered plastic bags, adjustable spanner, wrenches, and heavy-duty packaging tapes.

If you hire the professionals for washing machine removal, usually they arrive with all these packing items. However, you need to still confirm by asking them.

#2 Follow User’s Manual

It’s always a good idea to follow the user’s manual before you move the washing machine. Go the user’s manual properly to understand how to disassemble or handle the different parts of your washing machine model. Understanding the precaution and handling process is mandatory to avoid a single mistake while moving.

#3 Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

You need to make sure to clean your washing machine properly before the day of packing. You can either follow the brand’s instructions or simply run hot water and two cups of white vinegar.

You also need to remove soap or detergent residue inside the machine and then finally, wipe it with cotton clothes or towel. Cleaning the washing machine will help you to move it in the best condition and avoid further cleaning after moving.

Also, when you hire professional movers, it makes the entire process more convenient for them.

#4 Unplug your Washing Machine

Besides cleaning the washing machine, unplugging it properly is another step you need to ensure. It’s quite simple a task as all you need to do is unplug the machine from the PowerPoint and then turn off the water supply taps or pump to the machine.

Also, taking out all the accessories and fittings rightly is essential. Keep a bucket handy to drain out the excess water from the hose and disconnect the hoses from the washing machine.

#5 Tips for Washing Machine Type

There are two types of washing machines – front loading washing machine and top-loading watching machine. If you have a top-loading washing machine, you need to ensure that the lid is taped shut properly.

For the front-loading washing machine, close the door properly with appropriate adhesive or packing tape. Here comes the role of heavy-duty packaging tape to secure the lid and electrical cord properly.

The above 5 tips will surely help you to process a safe washing machine removal in Melbourne.

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