5 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Promoted with Customised Products

Thriving in the rat race and making a positive impact is the dream that all businesses chase but how many of them really manage to achieve that!

Creating a solid brand strategy spreading across multiple channels calls for a huge investment and that is possible only in the utopian world for a majority of the entrepreneurs.

Thankfully, there are ways to devise a cost-effective marketing plan that also achieves the results! Yes! you are right we are talking about promotional products!

From the customised pens and caps to key chains and tote bags – there are a variety of products that you can include in your promotional campaign. Statistics show that they are most pocket-friendly to create a solid brand image.

Here are some of the major reasons why promotional products are used by millions of companies across the world to entice the audience. Just take a look.

  • Long-lasting Medium of Advertisement – Effective Way of Remaining Relevant– The conventional modes of advertisement only run for a stipulated time. While an ad on a hoarding can last a few months, the radio or TV ads only run for a few weeks. But when it comes to promotional products starting from customised caps to lanyards, consumers keep them for a long time and hence your business gets exposure for a prolonged period. What’s more these products also exchange hands often which results in more people getting introduced to your brand. Such a medium of promotion is difficult to achieve.

  • Customer Loyalty - Make Your Target Audience Happy – Who does not love receiving gifts especially if they are creative and useful! The promotional products that you can offer as freebies at your checkout counter or distribute as giveaways on exhibitions and events and even as corporate gifts are a great way to win over the hearts of your audience. This does not just introduce your brand to new people but also help to retain the existing customers of your business. When customers are satisfied with a particular brand it is unlikely that they will look for different business for their needs.

  • Easy on the Pocket – Spend Less to Gain More – Your business can receive a lot of bang for the bucks by going for the promotional items. Most manufacturers purposely try to restrict the prices of the promotional products for permitting mass distribution. The best part is that it comes with high impact on the recipients despite that. As said earlier, a majority of the consumers use these products for about 6 months to a year and then pass them on to somebody else which reduced the cost per impression. In fact, research reveals that branded products are about 65% more affordable per impression than the magazine, newspaper or TV or other conventional forms of advertisement.

  • Instant Recognition & Huge Exposure – Create a Solid Brand Impression – A solid brand recognition enables consumers to identify your brand the moment they come across your logo. For example, the moment you see the clown in yellow dress or the arched “M” you know it is McDonalds. The promotional products allow businesses to put their logo on items that the target audience use each day. As these products can be found in homes, offices, restaurants, coffee shops and even cars, your brand will be introduced and remain engraved in the minds of the audience for a very long time to come. This way your brand message is put forth without imposing itself on the consumers. Naturally, they work for any business and help them succeed.

  • Connect with Your Audience Emotionally - Add a Personal Touch to Your Advertisement – This is something that is possible within a limited budget only with the promotional goods. You can customise your brand image with a good promo product. You can enhance the desirability and the perceived value of a particular product by intelligent usage of these goods. For example, brands like Coca Cola are always using “Cool Collectibles” for their brand promotions. If the audience find your promo items to be cute or cool you can also make this a trend and help your brand image stand out. You can use a range of products from printed tote bags to USBs or t-shirts for such a campaign.

The above are some of the major reasons why you should use customised stuff for helping your business turn heads, get the attention and eventually create its own niche in the industry.


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