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5 Useful Tips to Plan Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Project

Most NYC homeowners spend enough time and money on kitchen remodel project than any other home improvement project.

Most NYC homeowners spend enough time and money on kitchen remodel project than any other home improvement project. A kitchen is considered as the hub of home life and a great source of pride. If you want to plan your apartment kitchen remodeling project, take a look at a few tips discussed below:

1. You should be real about kitchen appliances.

It’s easy to get carried away while planning your kitchen remodel project. For example, a six burner commercial range and luxury brand refrigerator may seem eye-catching centerpiece; but may not fit your cooking requirements or home lifestyle.

Kitchen appliances are the essential tools used for cooking and storing food. Remember that, your kitchen remodel project isn’t limited to tools; but the overall design and functionality of the kitchen space.

If you’re a good cook and love to cook a lot, focus on the long term features that add a significant value to your kitchen like cabinets, countertops, and flooring. It’s highly suggested to invest in appliances from well-known brands with top-rated online reviews.

2. You should keep exactly same footprint.

Nothing will add more to the overall cost of remodel than changing the location of electrical fixtures, plumbing pipes and knocking down walls. This is where unforeseen issues occur.

If possible, you should keep kitchen appliances, water fixtures and walls in the same place. It will save you on demolition and reconstruction cost. Even, you’ll minimize the amount of dust and debris the project results in.

3. You should never underestimate the power of lighting.

Lighting can make a good difference in a kitchen space. Considering lighting can make your kitchen look larger and brighter. It will help you work inside your kitchen safely and efficiently. There are different types of lighting available to be used in your kitchen. Here are some of the best lights discussed below:

Task Lighting –

You should include under cabinet lighting in your to-do list. After all, cabinets create dark work areas. Though you’re remodeling your apartment kitchen, you should focus on the under cabinet lights. It’s wise to work on at least two fixtures per task area to eliminate shadows.

Besides, pendant lights are perfect for kitchen islands and other counters without low cabinets. You can consider using recessed lights and track lights over sinks and general preparation areas without overhead cabinets.

Ambient Lighting –

You have to choose flush mounted ceiling fixtures, wall sconces and track lights for overall lighting in your kitchen. Consider dimmer switches to control the mood and intensity.

4. You should focus on adding storage rather than space.

Storage will never go out of style. If you stick with exactly same footprint, you should add a couple of ideas, like:

Choose kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling.

Cabinets may cost more and you may require a step ladder. But you’ll get valuable storage space for Christmas platters and other once a year items. After all, you won’t need to dust cabinet tops.

Hang storage unit up.

When it comes to adding storage space, you should consider small shelving units on unused areas of the wall and inside cabinet doors. Hang stock pots and large skillets on a ceiling mounted rack. Even you can add hooks to the back side of the closet doors for brooms, aprons and mops.

5. You should be conscious about quality.

While planning kitchen remodel project, functionality and durability should be in your top priority list. For instance, solid surface countertops may cost a little more. But with proper care, they’ll look like new for a long time.

If you’re planning to move soon, you should consider buying products with substantial warranties that will give you a great selling advantage.

Bottom Line –

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