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Designer Office Furniture in Melbourne – Best Tips to Consider

As Melbourne faces a second outbreak of the Coronavirus and stage three restrictions see more people having to continue working from home, setting up a dedicated home office has never been more important.

Regardless of the space of your current home office, having the right office furniture will make the biggest difference to your overall productivity and comfort. This is why purchasing designer office furniture in Melbourne will ensure that your home office is set up with high-quality office furniture that is best suited to your needs.

When deciding on which designer office furniture is best for you, here are some important factors to consider:

Where will it be located?

Depending on the size of your home, you first need to consider where your home office will be setup. A spare bedroom is usually the ideal place to set up, but if your spare room is occupied or you just don’t have the space, then the living room is a great second choice.

Consider the nature of the work you will be doing. For example, will your work involve tasks such as talking with clients throughout the day, writing or data entry? If so, then you will want to ensure that your office space is sectioned off from the distractions and daily flow of your household.

The right office chair

Having the right office chair is extremely important, especially when sitting at a desk for long periods of time due to working from a computer. Finding an ergonomic office chair that promotes good posture is crucial. Features to look out for include a height-adjustable pivoting headrest, back and lumbar support, adjustable seat and armrests, seat cushions and synchro-tilt mechanism.

Even though your new designer office chair may be ergonomic, it is still incredibly important to always take regular breaks throughout the day. Always remember to stretch and move around, even if you are restricted to staying at home.

The right office desk

Finding the right designer office desk largely depends on the size of your home office space. Consider how you will be working and what type of items you will need close to you. Will you need large open space under the office desk for storage options such as a mobile cabinet or caddy? Or is large office drawers going to be enough?

And what about the style of your interior décor? Will the new desk match? If you are wanting to go for a corporate/modern style, a leather top desk is a great choice for complementing the décor of the space it is occupying. A good leather designer office table will have features such as spacious desk drawers, a soft-close glide runner system and desktop wireless charging.

Natural or ambient lighting?

When it comes to purchasing designer office furniture Melbourne, apart from the furniture, you must also choose the right lighting as well. Your standard ceiling light may provide light, but does it create an inviting atmosphere for your home office workspace?

Natural light from nearby windows is great for creating a calm and relaxing workspace, but will it provide enough light for close-up work?

Task lighting is important, but so is the style of your home office. Complimenting your workspace with a designer table lamp, floor lamp or wall light will not only create efficient ambient lighting, but will also set the mood while accentuating the emotional impact of the space.

The colour scheme

The colour scheme of your home office space is important to consider. Will the colours you choose match the interior décor while also creating an atmosphere that promotes inspiration and productivity?

Should your designer office furniture feature bright colours or have a darker colour scheme? For example, a high-gloss white designer office desk combined with black leather or black mesh office chair can help establish a well-balanced, fresh and welcoming home office environment.

The material

Designer furniture is known for featuring unique and stylish designs that are made from high-quality materials. If you want a timber office desk for a classic style, make sure it is made from high-quality materials such as solid ash timber with an American walnut veneer. Tabletops that beautifully stand out use material such as Bianco ceramic stone.

If you are thinking of purchasing a leather designer office desk, you need to ensure that it is made from genuine leather. When it comes to leather designer furniture, leading designer home furnishing stores will feature high-quality leathers such as category 60 prestige leather.

This is a very soft form of cow leather that is full-aniline. This standard of leather is ideal for lounges and sofas because the leather will become softer and more supple over time.

What about storage?

To avoid a build-up of clutter around your home office, consider having additional storage options such as a designer office buffet or file cabinet. Apart from being an ideal way to maximise your storage space while not taking up too much floor space, they are also the perfect finishing touch to completing your office décor.

Many designer home furnishing stores allow you to completely coordinate your entire home with designer ranges that include matching office, living room, dining room and bedroom furniture.

When searching for the best designer office furniture in Melbourne for your home office, keep these factors in mind to ensure that your office space is a place that inspires you.


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