5 Vital Used Car Parts Buying Tips

This post will reveal how you can shop for the best used car parts to keep your car running smoothly without making a dent in your pocket.

These days, people are driving and maintaining their cars well that has led to an increase in the overall vehicle lifespan. In the past decade, the average car ownership length went up by around 60%. The secret behind this is people are replacing more of their car parts to keep their vehicles operating efficiently. Moreover, buying second-hand car parts is a better way to obtain more mileage from your car. The crux is how you shop for the used parts and where you find them actually makes the difference. This post will reveal how you can shop for the best-used car parts to keep your car running smoothly without making a dent in your pocket.

1. Where to Shop for Used Car Parts

The first step for obtaining a quality used parts is to find a reliable supplier. Typically, you have the following three choices for buying used car parts:  

1.      Approach auto parts stores

2.      Online over the Internet through eBay, or

3.      Reaching out to a car wrecker

Buying online involve greater risk, as you won’t exactly know the actual condition of the used car part. This is because you can’t blindly trust the image/photo posted on the seller’s website for ascertaining the quality of used car part. Should you opt for online purchase, don’t be scared to ask as many questions you have including requesting for better photos. The core benefit of shopping at a car wrecker is the knack to negotiate. Compared to big name stores or online sellers, the humble car wrecker will definitely sell the part for less. Moreover, it enables you to see and inspect the car part for yourself.

2. Confirm the Exact ID of the Car Spare Part

Regardless of the auto spare part you need, notwithstanding how common it is, ensure you precisely know its identification. You can check by matching your part with another used replacement part using its VIN (vehicle identification number) or chassis number. In case, you can’t find a number on it, just take the spare part into an auto parts store to get it identified. Then you can use the number and search for used car parts online or at a reputed wrecker’s shop.

3. The Significance of the Auto Part

You should never take a chance with certain crucial car parts when buying used. Hefty parts that play an important role in multiple functions of your car such as transmission, alternator and radiator must be paired with a respectable warranty. Often smaller parts such as spark plug should never be bought second hand - this and other parts like brake rotors and starters that exhaust with time and usage should always be bought brand new.

4. Warranty

Make sure that car wreckers provide decent warranty on important and bigger second-hand car parts. Always read the fine print concerning warranty coverage that comes with your used car part purchase. Whereas online car part stores may attach some tricks to their warranties, so be prudent and cautiously read them.

5. Return Policy

In the absence of a return policy, never buy a second-hand auto part. No matter how much you save on such auto parts isn’t simply worth the likelihood of being stuck with a broken part. Thus, it’s essential to read the return policy cautiously and see if there are any such exceptions. In case you have ordered the incorrect part by error, bear in mind that certain online sellers often attach high charges for restocking the auto part. Some auto parts just cover a short time period i.e. 30 days from the purchase date.

Voila, these are vital used auto parts buying tips that you should consider when you go out for buying second-hand auto parts.

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