Type Of Car Polishers

Type Of Car Polishers For Your Favorite Car

Types of Car Buffers. Rotary. A rotary polisher usually has a direct drive motor and auger that spins the polishing pad in a clockwise direction.

Every person enjoys it when his or her car looks brand new. However, one needs to maintain it because paint works get scratched, stained with oil-marks & dust. When your car gets old, the external paint gives your car a dull look. Other times, washing or waxing won’t assist in regaining its fresh and new look. The only thing to do for it to have back its new look is to polish it.

The use of polish will help in restoring the original shine of your car. It will also provide it a bright appearance. Car polish is made using important ingredients that will help in removing dust, grime, oil and also remove minor scratches that are developing. Below are the types of car polishers available today.

Type of car polishers

There are different types of car polisher and each one of them will give excellent results. There are three basic varieties of car polisher hence you should carefully choose them. Rotary Buffer, dual-action polisher, random orbit should be used with the right polish and pad. With that, you should be able to remove scratches, oxidation, swirl, stains and any other defects which prevent your car from having a brilliant shine.

1. Dual-action

Dual-action, as the name suggests, includes two actions. One of them is rotating the plate while holding the pad while the other action includes oscillating the spindle. Dual-action polishers will help in preventing the formation of holograms and any other paint damage. The dual-action machine is best for use in the light scratch or swirl removal & deep shine-buffing. It is not suitable for removing deeper scratches.

This tool is best for your polish enhancement, applying thin & pre-wax cleaning. It also helps in applying even coating of your best car wax, protectant or paint sealant. This tool is effective and more efficient. Improved dual action car polishers are fitted with a positive-drive action. They will still allow the polisher to rotate so that it can disperse heat & friction. Dual-action polisher is best for beginners that need to carry out moderate paint rectification work.

2. Rotary Buffer

This machine polisher should be used by experts only. It is best for use on severe damage to your car paints. This machine spins very fast because all the power is directed to driving the motor. That is why it is recommended for use with experts.  When with an inexperienced person, it can do more damage than good. It can also burn over your paint when too much pressure is applied.

This machine is best for doing paint correction. This is because it will take the paint-layers down further & faster than either Orbital or a Dual Action.

3. Random orbit

Random orbit has large heads with two handles which will allow it to be pressed on paintwork. They operate at a slower speed and they have a single movement instead of spin. They are best for applying product inside the paintwork in a bigger area & removing the same with a different bonnet. This machine is not as flexible as the Dual-Action polishers which allow the use of various plates & pads at a higher speed.

Which machine you should use

This will largely depend on what you need to achieve and more so, your experience level. Dual-action car-polishers aren't similar to rotary when it comes to paint refinement work. It will give out excellent and professional-looking outcomes with fewer damages to your paintwork. If you’re after saving on time & cover bigger areas, then the traditional double-handled orbital buffer is the best choice.

What to look when buying a car polisher

A combination of a car polisher and a suitable car polish product will give you excellent results. The orbital movement operates the polish in paintwork to easily remove defects & restore shine. However, polishing machines should be carefully used to prevent damages e.g. holograms and swirls. To assist you in getting a favorable machine below is a buying guide for you.

  • Amount of work

When carrying out light work, you can go with a dual-action car polisher but if the paint improvement work is more, you need to go for a rotary machine.

  • Ease of use

Dual-action car polisher machines are simple to operate and they will cause less or no damages to your paintwork. The rotary machine needs skilled personnel because they rotate very fast. The rotary machine when with the wrong hands, it is capable of causing more damage to the paintwork. It may cause hazing, swirl marks, and other faults. Dual-action car polishers are best for beginners.

  • Cost

When it comes to cost, the rotary machine is cheaper and they are suitable for use in light of heavy-duty work.

  • Weight

A light car polisher machine is easy to direct & control. This will result in efficient paint correction work. The light machine will have less weight being pressed to your paintwork which reduces friction and heat. This will prevent the risk of causing any damage to your paintwork.

The other factors to consider when buying a car polisher machine is speed settings, hand control aids and replacement of pads.

A common mistake is done when polishing your car

Using the wrong way will result in expensive damage. There are mistakes to check out so that you can easily avoid these damages that may cost you. These include;

  • Using the wrong cutting compound or buffing pad
  • Buffing an area for too long and hard
  • Not utilizing tape to mask-off plastics & other components
  • Utilizing too little or too much cutting compound
  • Setting the starting speed to be too high
  • Not completely cleaning your vehicle beforehand
  • Using a filthy buffing pad


There are more care polishers in the market which can be used by beginners and experts. Dual-action car polishers are more popular and they give out excellent results with ease. Operating with a polisher that suits your skills is highly recommended. It is also advised that, once you purchase a car polisher, test it on an old vehicle to perfect your technique. With the correct car polish, your car will have a brand new appearance. It will take you less time to clean off the car & polish it.

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