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5 Ways to Regrow Hair Faster

Microneedling, Plasma Rich Therapy, LLLT, Minoxidil liquid solution, and Hair transplant are the five most effective ways to increase hair growth and combat the problem of male and female pattern baldness. These procedures demand multiple sittings to get the desired results.

Hair is one facial feature that is often associated with attractiveness and beauty. Have you heard from a man or woman that s/he is satisfied with his/her hair? Most probably, the answer is No.  It is because everyone desires to have little lengthy or shiny hair and keep looking for those measures that transform their tresses from good to great. 

The majority of people around the globe suffer from hair fall problems. In order to stop hair fall, they primarily adopt natural ways varying from eating a healthy and balanced diet, massaging the scalp, staying hydrated to avoid combing wet hair. But natural hair care measures not able to give the desired results always. Thus, people start exploring other ways to regrow hair faster. In this article, we will uncover some of the methods that touted as an effective measure to stop hair fall and help in growing hair faster. But before that, let us understand the science behind hair growth.

Hair Growth Cycle

On average, human hair grows about six inches in a year. Hair usually grows in three stages- telogen, catagen, and anagen. An anagen is the first stage and telogen is the last stage. The first stage- anagen is the hair growth stage, which typically lasts for six years. The catagen stage is the stage of renewal of the hair follicles. In the telogen stage, hair stops growing.

Now, let’s take a quick look at five ways (comprising of both surgical and non-surgical) that increases hair growth and results in longer and thicker hair with the passage of time.

Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) – PRP therapy is a three-step medical treatment that stops hair loss. It is a process in which the blood is drawn from a person’s body; it is processed and injected into the scalp. The entire treatment takes place in the time frame of 4-6 weeks whereas a person needs to visit for a follow-up visit every 4-6 months.

Stage 1 – Blood is taken from the arm or any other part of the body and put into a centrifuge.

Stage 2- After putting blood into the centrifuge, it is separated into three layers: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells.

Stage 3 – The injection of platelet-rich plasma applied in those areas of the scalp that require increased hair growth.

The PRP therapy works best in those people who have started experiencing hair loss problem recently.

2. Hair Transplant – Another way to regain lost hair is a hair transplant. It is a procedure in which removal of hair from one part of the body takes place and transplanted into the bald area of the head. It is a surgical procedure that takes place under local anesthesia. Silt grafts and micrografts are two types of hair transplant procedures. Depending upon the hair quality and area needs to cover, the surgeon decides which method will show the best results. Males and females with a standard pattern of baldness and hair thinning problem can consider themselves good candidates for the hair transplant.

3. Minoxidil or Rogaine – Minoxidil or Rogaine is one of the most effective FDA approved medications used for stopping hair loss. The medication is effective for both males and females and recommended if hair loss caused as a side-effect of prescribed medication or due to nutritional deficiency, pregnancy, and anemia. The liquid solution of Minoxidil needs to apply on the affected areas of the scalp once in a day. Morning is the best time for applying the solution on the scalp. Keep your scalp and hair dry before applying the solution and avoid shampooing the hair for a minimum four hours after the application of the solution. In order to get the best result, wash hair and scalp before applying the solution. The medication is safe to use with other hair care products.

4. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - It is relatively a newer treatment for combating the problem of hair loss. The LLLT therapy works by increasing hair growth rate and duration in the anagen phase and prevents premature development of the catagen phase. In simple terms, the therapy works by putting brakes on hair loss rate, encourages hair follicles to grow and improves the working of cells. The therapy is ideal to adopt when a person is suffering from partial baldness.

5. Microneedling – Another effective way to regrow hair faster is micro-needling. It is a natural process and highly effective in treating hair thinning and baldness problems. It is a cosmetic procedure that induces the production of stem cells in the scalp that eventually leads to hair growth. During micro-needling, surgeons use a handheld device also known as a roller containing several needles in the range between 0.25-0.3 millimeters long. The device rolled along the affected area and cause small injuries. With the healing of micro-injuries, it strengthens the hair follicles.

So, these are the five most effective ways that help in solving the problem of hair thinning and alopecia. These 5 ways actually lead to new growth of the hair strands in the quickest possible manner. But it is important to remember things like all procedures take time in showing the desired results and the time may vary from one procedure to another. During these treatments, do not forget to follow the basic hair care routine.

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