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Chocolate Coated Nuts - A Yummy Treat To Treat Yourself

Chocolates and nuts- what a combination! Getting both taste and nutrition. Here we are to discuss how Dry Fruit Zone has stolen our heart with its ever healthy products once again.

The chocolate nuts are of two varieties one being the regular chocolate almonds and the dark chocolate almond. These are suitable for all age groups and have gained a lot of popularity along with its other dry fruit products. Dry Fruit zone provides fresh chocolate coated nuts online for its customers to devour at. This sweet can be taken as a snack which not only provides nutritious benefits but also will keep your appetite well maintained. Almonds are a whole pack of vitamins and minerals. While chocolate almonds contain calories as well as fat, when taken in a limit they are no harm. 


  • These crunchy nuts are the best source for minerals and vitamins and provide energy to the body. Just 3-4 of these provides a day’s protein required for the body. Though it contains fat, other nutrients in it do not allow fat to get stored in the body for long.

  • Almonds since ages have helped in protecting the heart. The unsaturated acids present in it play the role in preventing heart disease. 

  • These are also suited for lowering lipoprotein which is said to be the bad cholesterol that may directly affect their organs in the body.

  • If you tend to feel too hungry grab 4-5 almonds and that may make you feel full. Almonds help in controlling cravings, hence reducing the risk of obesity.

  • Magnesium present in almond has also shown significant improvement amongst those who find it difficult to maintain their sugar level. These also maintain blood pressure in the body.



  • A study has shown that eating chocolate has reduced heart strokes amongst men.

  • It has also proven to reduce the cholesterol level in the body that directly harms many organs and even the heart.

  • A good eatable for those suffering from depression. The phenylethylamine in it helps in providing a more joyous mood and less pain.

  • Chocolate also helps during coughs due to the presence of theobromine a compound that controls the cough present inside.

  • Chocolate also helps in the easy flow of blood in the body. This is why most women take it during their periods as it allows easy flow of blood and reduces menstrual pain.

  • A study has shown that the easy flow of blood in the retina also helps in improving vision.

  • This ultimately makes your whole body work energetically and provides mental strength as the blood also reaches the brain.


  • Dark chocolate does the same job as normal chocolates it only has few other gains which we would be talking about in the following pointers. Let us get started-

  • These are a rich source of vitamins and minerals required for the body. They mainly contain fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese.

  • The antioxidants present in dark chocolate makes your skin glow by removing an alien disturbance. It is also best for controlling skin damage caused by the sun’s rays.

  • This is a good edible product to rejuvenate your skin and make it look younger.

  • The flavonoids present in it have proven to reduce cancerous properties that may enter the body.

  • Dark chocolate is the best to reduce blood sugar levels in the body, therefore lowering the risk of diabetes. 

  • The magnesium content in it is also responsible for controlling high blood pressure. 

  • Since there is no sugar in it,  it helps in cutting down those extra fats in the body. Dark chocolate can be taken before or after a workout, it boosts energy to work for longer hours.

  • Dark chocolate is also good for reducing inflammation in the body, therefore providing an edge for the immune system. 


The combination of the above-mentioned benefits does wonders when brought together as a single product. Dry Fruit Zone provides two kinds of chocolate nuts that have an equal amount of nutrients as well as good taste. The chocolate on the outside melts in the mouth letting your tongue swirl into it as it gets to the core where the nut is present. The crunchy nut then has a creamy taste which when dissolved with the chocolate gives the best gift to the taste buds. Both the products help in fighting the cholesterol levels in the body and protecting the heart. It is however suggested to take recommendations from the doctor before adding them to your cart as you may be allergic to certain compounds present in it. The company sells an authentic product with high-grade ingredients present in it. These are thoroughly checked for the satisfaction of the customers providing the best from its store. These come in a small jar of 125 grams and have an easy delivery option. You can visit the website for ordering the product and relish the beautiful taste of the product.


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