6 Best Teenage Fashion Trends 2021

6 Best Teenage Fashion Trends 2021

Teenage is all about exploring the possibilities within you. It is the most wonderful phase in life when you can make your own choices without looking back.

When it comes to dressing up the way you love, no need to follow any dress codes.

However, if you still want to look at some of the best teenage fashion trends that are going to dominate 2021, here you go!

These fashion trends will let you know what the choices of teenagers are across the globe.

After all, every age has its specialty which is reflected in fashion.

You can emphasize your identity and your uniqueness more when you know about these fashion trends.

So, gals and guys, get ready for some awesome fashion trends with useful tips.


No doubt it is one of the coolest and most comfortable outwear for all. Be it glitter embellished, baroque pattern printed, oversized, or simple ones, you can choose your own among these styles.

Pro Tip: To pair your jacket, you can look for casual pants and trousers from Denim textile as an alternative to the denim jeans.

Pocket Pinch: Denim jackets cost around INR 500 to INR 5000 (may vary for top brands).


If you are looking for a dress that is cool and trendy, polo dresses make suitable options. Crafted for those with active shapes, these can be ideal as college wear or casual wear. There is a wide range of polo dresses available online that you can check out.

Pro Tip: Look for SDE panels polo dress, dynamic shape polo dress, sleeveless polo dress, and retro polo dress.

Pocket Pinch: Depending upon the brand, the price may vary from INR 700 to INR 7000.


For both boys and girls, the monochrome dress is ruling as one of the most popular teenage fashion trends. A monochrome dress is basically a pair of the bottom and upper wear in the same shade. So basically, all you need to do is choose clothes of the same color.

Pro Tip: Look for vibrant shades for the night and gentle shades for the day.

Pocket Pinch: It totally depends upon the pieces of outfit you choose (pants, tops, basic tees, jackets, blazers). Something similar to this outfit may cost around INR 3000.


How about going back to ’70s and mixing it with modernity? Let us explain to you that 70’s fashion is all about flared trousers, loud printed t-shirts or skirts, body-hugging shirts, technical material coats and stylish scarves.

Pro Tip: Girls can wear a flared bottom trouser with a bralette and boys can pair it with solid tees.

Pocket Pinch: The range of good quality flared trousers starts from INR 700.


Yes, you can still wear your favorite sneakers with the dress of your choice. If you are unwilling to wear those high-heels on a cozy day, just grab your pair of comfortable sneakers and step out in style. Now, let’s just hope that this trend stays longer.

Pro Tip: A flared knee-length dress can be the right choice for making the most of this look.

Pocket Pinch: Sneakers range from INR 300 to INR 10000.


2021 has very cool choices when it comes to trendy shoes for guys. You can choose from tennis shoes, updated hiker shoes, desert booth shoes, high top sneaker shoes, all-weather boots, and performance running shoes.

Pro Tip: Get a pair of color block sneakers and for your everyday casual ensemble.

Pocket Pinch: There is a huge collection of shoes online that may range from INR 500 to INR 10000.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you choose. So, don’t blindly follow any fashion trend without trying it yourself.

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