6 Scintillating Ideas to Light up Your Outdoor Wedding Space

In this blog, we are going to share some amazing ideas to light up the evening of your wedding day.

Summer season means an outdoor space wedding! People prefer to organize their wedding in outdoor space in the summer season so that they can last this auspicious day for a long time. You should decorate your outdoor wedding space uniquely and outstandingly. In your wedding decoration, the lighting system plays a vital role.

If you want your guests to enjoy the day even after the sun goes down, then get optimum lighting fixtures installed in your area with the help of experienced electrician Central Coast NSW.

Here, we are going to share some amazing ideas to light up the evening of your wedding day:

1. Bistro Lighting System

The Bistro lighting can decorate and light up your outdoor wedding area in an optimum way.  You can install the strings if Bistro lighting over the dancefloor, bars, tables and wherever you want. These lighting fixtures not just efficiently illuminate your wedding rea but also improve the visual appeal as well. Bistro lighting is perfect for those places where a large number of people are gathered.

For outdoor wedding spaces, the Bistro lightings are perfect because these are easy to install. These lights set the right tone for the wedding day. Your guests feel amazing under these lights and they will love to dance and have fun. Hire a good electrician who provides emergency services as well like emergency electrician Central Coast to install Bistro lighting at your wedding venue.

2. Paper lanterns

If you want to have a cost-efficient and playful lighting system in your wedding space, then you should make use of paper lanterns. The paper lanterns provide a subtle glow and create a soothing and romantic atmosphere. Therefore, paper lanterns are perfect for your wedding day.

There are different types of paper lanterns available in the market to fulfill your needs and requirements. The paper lanterns are easy to assemble and install. You can easily hang these on tree branches or any other area where you want it to be.

3. String Lights

It is somewhat similar to the bistro lighting system. But, the string lights provide sift glow, twinkling effects and starry appearance to give special effects. The string lights are also used to decorate your house at Christmas.

If you hire an experienced electrical contractor like level 2 electrician at Central Coast, then he can efficiently install string lights in your outdoor wedding space so that they look stunning and enhance the visual appeal of that area. The string lights can be wrapped around trees, wedding arches, poles, etc. The string lights can provide high illumination and they are affordable as well.  

4. Floating Lights

Usually, outdoor wedding spaces have a nearby water pool. The floating lights will look amazing inside the pool. They will not just make the wedding area attractive but also provide a subtle glow. The soft illumination provided the floating lights will make the ambiance calm and soothing.

Also, these lights tell your guests that there is water so that they do not accidentally fall down. There are different types of floating lights like candles, orbs, etc. The floating lights provide additional lights near to the pool area so that your guests can sit around it and enjoy the wedding on your wedding day.

5. Candles

You should decorate your outdoor wedding space with a candle as well. It is so because the candles set the romantic atmosphere on your wedding night. The candle lights provide a soft and subtle glow. You can arrange the candles lights anywhere and in any pattern.  But, they look great in the corner area, over tables and near walkways. In addition to this, you can also place these candles inside a decorative mason jar and hang these jars in tree branches.

It is a creative way and provides an elegant touch to your wedding area. There are battery-operated candles available in the market. These are the best options because you do not need to worry about their life.  Moreover, they are safe as well because you are not dealing with real fire flame.

6. Chandelier

You may be thinking about how chandelier can be used in the outdoor wedding area. But, it is possible! You can hang a glitzy chandelier in your large tree branch. But, you should take the help of a good electrician to install the chandelier in the tree branch. It will act as a focal point and create a good visual appeal.

The chandelier in your outdoor wedding area will add glamour and classy touch. Make sure you save the contact number of an emergency electrical service provider in your area such as 24-hour electrician Central Coast so that you can call him if lighting system fails to work on your wedding day.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned ideas are great to illuminate your wedding venue. These tips will help you to create a delightful outdoor wedding venue. If you want your guests to enjoy this auspicious day even after the sun goes then make sure that your wedding space is efficiently illuminated. No matter where is your wedding venue but the above-mentioned tips will help you to glow your wedding space as per the theme. If you do not want to leave your guests in dark, then it is imperative to plan.

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