What should Your wedding photography package in India include?

Proper planning is necessary for a perfect wedding photo-shoot. When you hire a wedding photographer for your special day, discuss each and every detail related to the photo-shoot.

Proper planning is necessary for a perfect wedding photo-shoot. When you hire a wedding photographer for your special day, discuss each and every detail related to the photo-shoot. Your photographer will provide you with a package that covers timings, the number of photographs, the wedding album and so on. Check these points to get an idea about the wedding packages in India.
1. The number of photographers capturing pictures on the wedding day:
Most of the wedding photographers in India bring their assistants with them to capture the details of the wedding. You need to know how many photographers will come to shoot your wedding.
The wedding photography contract should include the number of photographers who will assist your photographer. With the help of a photography team, you will get a large number of wedding photographs. The single photographer will not be able to take 500 or 600 photographs.
All of the photos will not look similar due to multiple photographers, it will add a variety and creativity to your photography. For instance, when a photographer will take candid pictures, other can capture traditional photos.

2. The number of days for the photo-shoot:
You must talk to your photographer about the number of days he will shoot. Inform him the days that he needs to do the photo-shoot.
There are events that take place prior to the wedding day such as Sadai, Mehendi and Sangeet. Generally, most of the couples expect their wedding photographer to capture the moments of those events.

3. Numbers of photographs to be delivered:
At the very beginning, you need to discuss the number of photographs you will get after the photo-shoot. Otherwise, it can create a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction. You must check whether your photographer included these details in the contract, so there will not be miscommunication.
You may expect to get around 500 photographs after your wedding. If you get only 200 photos, you will not be happy at all.
Even though quality matters over quantity, you will not want to get small numbers of photographs after your wedding. Tell your photographer about your expectation and make sure you get what you want.

4. The type of wedding album to be provided:
There are a lot of things that need to be considered at the time of creating a wedding album. Make sure your photographer gives importance to your thoughts and ideas regarding wedding album.
There are different types of designs for wedding albums and prices vary on the basis of the selection. The brides show diverse tastes when it comes to the selection of their wedding album designs
If you choose thick pages for your wedding album, it will cost you more money. Generally, many people prefer thicker pages, so the album does not get damaged.
All of your selected pictures may not fit into the pages of the album. You will need to add more pages to your album. When the photographer will add more pages to your album, the cost of the wedding album increases.

5. Travelling expenses and accommodation for the photographers if you go for a destination wedding:
Travelling makes a wedding much more exciting! Nowadays, many couples are planning to do a destination wedding in exotic, foreign locations. If you have planned a destination wedding, make sure your photographer is ready to travel with you.
You have to pay for all the travelling and accommodation expenses of your professional photographer. Discuss the accommodation and the flights with your photographer much before the wedding.
I hope these points have helped you understand the wedding packages in India. If you want to avoid overspending, ask the photographer to provide you with a list of potential additional costs.

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