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6 silly on page mistakes that kill your rankings

6 silly on-page mistakes that kill your SEO rankings, straightaway avoid them!

SEO is considered to be an effective marketing practice that will help to boost your rankings at the top of search results. Although all aspects of SEO are very significant, on-page SEO makes sure that more targeted traffic reaches your website. So, you should always have a clear idea about what to not do in SEO as the wrong approach can even kill your rankings. Below are given some of the most important on-page SEO mistakes that you should necessarily avoid: 

Big On-Page Mistakes To Avoid

Duplicate Content

If the content which you are posting on your website is not unique, then you are making a big mistake. This is because the duplicate content which is exactly similar to the content of any other website does not have chances to rank well. 
Your web pages will have lower rankings. Reports suggest that about 50% of the websites do the mistake of posting duplicate content on their websites. So, your main focus should be to fix the duplicate content as soon as possible and replace it with unique content. 

Focusing Only On The On-Page SEO

Although, on-page optimization is considered to be an important part of your SEO strategy, focusing only on this can affect your rankings. So, in this regard, you should utilize both off-page and on-page optimization for effectively boosting your rankings. 
In this regard, the off-page SEO includes specific strategies like guest blogging, link building, and social media campaign. This is the main reason, why you should give importance to both the on-page and off-page strategies. 

Slow Webpage Loading Speed

The users tend to leave your webpage if it takes more time to load. As a result, the slow loading webpage usually possesses a high bounce rate. This eventually drops your rankings. 
Due to this reason, why you should always focus on the loading speed of your webpage. If someone is not giving importance to it, then they are doing a huge SEO mistake. This can even kill your rankings. 
Google always gives importance to faster loading websites. So, if you are not sure about your website speed, then it is better to use the Google Page Speed Insights tool for checking the speed of your website. 
This tool helps you to get an idea about the speed along with the important steps which you need to follow for boosting your website loading speed. 
Some of the important considerations would be to optimize the images and also resize large images. This is one of the most important approaches which helps to boost your website speed. 

Poorly Structured Internal Links

Internal links are those which point one particular webpage to the other on your website. So, it is very important to place those that are relevant. Poorly structured internal links can badly affect your website ranking. 
In this case, you should focus on following the guidelines of Google which suggest that your internal link structure should be logical for ranking your webpage on the top. 

Poor Quality External Links

Currently, Google is more concerned with ranking quality and authoritative websites. This indicates that your website content matters along with the internal and external links. 
Not only that, but your anchor text should be relevant to the specific content to which you are linking to. So, you should always avoid using poor-quality external links as they can hamper your website rankings. 
Other than that, you should avoid using spammy language which can decrease your rankings. In this regard, you can make use of specific SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz’s Link Explorer, etc, for effectively scanning the outgoing links. 
This will help to detect any kinks which might hurt your SEO efforts. 

Outdated Content

The content which you post on your website plays a very important role in determining your website ranking. This is considered to be the main reason, why you should always post good quality content on your website. 
Also, the content which you are posting on your website should be able to reflect your expertise and competence. 
There is not any standard limit on how much content is enough on any webpage, but Google suggests posting at least 300 words on a webpage. The more will be better.
Usually, the content which is more than 1000 words can rank at the top of search results. Also, the content should be written for your audience but not for Google or any other search engine. 
So, your main focus should be to come up with informative content. Unnecessary keyword stuffing should also be avoided as visitors do not get any benefit from keyword-filled content. 

Final Words

So, the above-discussed ones are some of the major on-page mistakes which can kill your rankings. This is the main reason why you should always avoid these big mistakes. 


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