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Building an all in all home service app like UrbanClap clone that would be used by millions

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The UrbanClap is an online platform offering various home services like cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, salon services, massage therapy, repairing home appliances, painting, etc. All the services and operations are online, and can easily reach out to them with an app like UrbanClap

The pandemic induced fear in everyone, and they are skeptical of letting people inside their house. To save customers and professionals from getting infected with the deadly coronavirus, the app is updated and built with various precautions and safety measures, thus reducing fear.

Safety Indicator
The app gives a safety badge for the service providers indicating that they are free from the infectious coronavirus.

Advanced Trackers
The app has a coronavirus tracker that helps indicate the number of Coronavirus affected cases in the user's locality and shows the distance between the nearest infected covid patients.

A real-time GPS route
The app is in-built with the updated route, which helps drivers of the red zones and suggests them to take alternative routes. This optimized route feature allows the executives to pass by from the infected areas.

Face Mask Scanner
The face scanner verifies whether the service executive is wearing a face mask or not for the customer's safety.

These precautionary measures and features help provide a safe environment.

The Workflow Of UrbanClap Clone App

Download the UrbanClap clone app, and the customers will be prompted to a page asking to enter or create the username and passwords. They can also instantly log in through social media platforms.

Selecting services
The users can choose the needed service in the app listed they need quickly. The advanced search and filter option helps you find the best services.

The app displays the availability of the selected service executive in the app calendar. Depending on that, customers can fix the timings that match their preferences.

The service provider is alerted of the customer requests through push notifications in an app. There is also a feature called chatbot and an in-app call option to communicate with the service providers.

General Fare List
The fare is listed for the customers based on the quality, duration, and type of service offered.

Secure Payments
The app enables customers to choose advanced digital payment modes or cash on delivery completion in the Urbanclap clone app.

Why choose UrbanClap Clone?

The app is built to easily search for the service requirements and choose from users' available options.

Safe to use
The app has various security trials to ensure its performance or service is unhindered from any hacking. The customer's contact details and ratings of service providers are verified, and no other third party can steal the data.

Easy Communication
The UrbanClap clone script helps service providers and customers communicate directly with each other in an app, thus eliminating the need to share contact information.

Easy Online-Payment
Users can pay service providers online via debit or credit card, integrated with various digital payment modes. This feature helps maintain a record of payments. The customers can select payment options in the app, such as e-wallet, net banking, etc.

Saves your Time
Our robust application helps you save time by avoiding old and traditional searching for service providers online and making calls to strangers. The client's discretion verifies the service providers available in the app. The service providers in the app are handpicked and displayed before being added to the UrbanClap Clone App.

Additional Features of the UrbanClap Clone

Multi-Payment Integration
An app like UrbanClap supports multi-payment integration, meaning it facilitates several payment gateways effortlessly via debit/credit card, online digital payment apps, e-wallets, net banking, etc.

Multi-Currency Integration
Since the users are worldwide, the app enables and gives the option to pay for services through their respective currencies.

Integrating with Social Media
Users can log in to the app like UrbanClap through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.,

The app provides precise details on service provider locations, service charges, past performances, and ratings. Service requesters and seekers can run a keyword search for their requirements, which eventually saves their time.

Multi-Language Integration
An app like UrbanClap has multilingual options for a global audience with several majorly used languages like English, German, French, Italian, etc.

In-App Chats
Service requesters and service providers can use the in-app messaging feature to chat directly with one another. They do not need to record their chat or share contact details, if the deal doesn’t go through.

The UrbanClap clone app development has simple yet powerful features that help grab the user's attention, gaining loyal and potential customers benefiting business, service providers, and service seekers.

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