FABFLY – Most Addictive Tap & Fly Earning Game

FABFLY – Most Addictive Tap & Fly Earning Game

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fly game that’s fun, easy and addictive, and offers real money as a reward? All you need to do is tap and fly in the sky.
Well, here’s a dream come true. Soar through the skies as baby you start and grow with every tap. Tap to fly but avoid obstacles to rise higher and higher, and who knows, there just might be a treasure chest waiting for you somewhere. Fabfly is one of its kind fly game that combines easy and endless fun gameplay, addictive elements, and crazy rewards to create a complete user experience. Don’t miss this tap & play fun and don’t hit obstacles in this endless game.  

In this tapping game, test your tap speed and accuracy in this highly addictive adventure where you lead a baby through different stages of life, all the time learning, growing and winning. This tap challenge flying game is a great way to spend time while creating an opportunity for yourself to win real money. The more you play, the greater your chance for winning the challenges. Free games never came with such exciting offers and this is why you should not let go of this opportunity to take part in this crazy, challenging and addictive fly game.

In this tapping game, you can jump, you can tap to fly and with all of that you can fall down to the ground too, but that’s really not recommended if you are looking to win some money. In this flying game, try to keep the baby high, for as long as you can… as long as the baby is not a baby anymore. Its endless fun with addictive & challenge concept.

• 4 exciting challenges to begin with. 
• New challenges every week.
• Most addictive game concept 
• Real money awarded to top performers. 
• Simple tap controls in this endless fun
• Highly entertaining & challenging game
• Introspective music.
• Earn real money in this endless game 
• Cute Graphics
• Choice between girl and boy baby avatar (and many more coming)
• This tapping game is suitable for all age groups
How to Play:
It’s all about tapping and flying.
Tap on the left side of the screen to fly left, and tap on right side of the screen to fly right. Protect the baby and don’t let him or her hit obstacles. As you rise up higher, the baby evolves into a child, an adolescent and finally into a fully-grown person. Tap to fly in the sky but keep in mind all this happens before you could say “flash” because the game will keep you in your heels with hitting obstacles getting tougher to cross. Compete with others in challenges. Perform well and don’t get hitting obstacles in this tap & play and earn real money. It’s full of addictive & challenge game.
With tap & play, keep an eye on the challenges as we push them to live one after the other. You may not be able to win all in this addictive & challenging game, but you can certainly win some. You might wonder, what do you need to do to win the challenge? Tap. Just tap and fly in the sky, at the right time, at the right place and you can keep rising higher. Both literally and figuratively. Your reflexes will be tested, so you’d better be as fast as flash, if not faster. One tap at the wrong time and you are a goner. Yeah, the flying game is that crazy.

Our in-challenge leader boards will give you real-time updates about who’s playing the challenges and who’s going to win to help you revise your strategy!

While most free-to-play games end up being pay-to-win games, Fabfly is totally free from beginning to end. In fact, the better you play, the higher the chance for you to earn real money in this challenging & most addictive game. A cherry on top, the game is a fit for people of all ages. Beware of hitting obstacles and remember its endless game.

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