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7 Essential Motorhome & Caravan Regular Maintenance & Repairs!

Here in this post, we have listed the most regular types of maintenance and mechanical repairs for motorhomes and caravans.

Similar to your car, your motorhome and caravan requires routine services, checkups and maintenance to make sure they remain in excellent condition. Besides, you must have experienced times when your car needed repairs or parts replacement to stay in top working condition. When you look at some routine mechanical repairs that a motorhome and caravan requires to be in top condition, you’ll get a general idea concerning what you should look out for.

Here we go, the most regular types of maintenance and mechanical repairs for motorhomes and caravans.

1. Chassis Repair

Chassis acts as the foundation for the whole caravan structure and supplies the suspension mounting points and tow hitch connection point. Though chassis made from steel, it’s still crucial to make sure they are maintained appropriately; get them checked regularly for vital repairs, preferably between every 1 to 2 years.

Chassis failure caused due to rust, cracks, scratches, dents, chips and fatigue because of overuse, or mere wear and tear of some chassis components. Safeguard the chassis from permanent damage or damage to its other parts by providing essential repairs at the earliest instant.

2. Suspension Repairs or Upgrades

The caravan’s suspension can strengthen your caravan’s payload and enhance the handling of the rig’s ride. Preferably, you need to get suspensions inspected at least after every 10,000 kilometres or once every two years for any essential repairs or upgrade. Well, you can upgrade your caravan’s suspension from time to time to ensure it matches your specifications.

3. Axle Repair

Axles are attached to the vehicle’s wheels; they bear the entire weight of your motorhome or caravan. It is taxing job axles have to perform. Thus, it is vital to provide timely service and repairs  to axles. Axles are well-built and robust parts of the vehicle that endure for a long time; however, they can wear out too. Manufacturers recommend to service axles between every one to two years for torn CV boots, worn axle joints and leaking seals.

4. Importance of Sway Control System

The swaying rig can give you troubles while caravanning; it can lead to critical accidents when not fixed on time. Resolve your caravan’s swaying rig problem through a sway control system that will improve the rig’s overall safety. A safety sway control system operates in a way that aids caravan to remain in line with the tow vehicle unless the tow vehicle initiates a turn such as going around a corner.

5. Wheel Bearings & Brakes

When caravan’s wheel bearings not regularly maintained, they tend to accumulate heat due to friction that may result in wheel assembly failure. Caravan’s wheel bearings are vulnerable to premature wear, so often inspect them. Likewise, brakes also require proper and timely maintenance to make sure that the brake linings do not have any cracks that often occur due to overheating. Brake magnets will endure for 50,000 kilometres in ordinary conditions; however, it is better to get them inspected to remain safe.

Manufacturers recommend that after every 10,000 kilometres or annually, you should service your caravan’s wheel bearings and brakes.

6. Grey Water Tanks

All used water from your motorhome includes washing the dishes, showering and cooking enter the grey water tanks, which exclude the water used to flush the toilet. It is essential to regularly service the grey water tanks to ensure for appropriate fitment into your caravan.

Stress cracks on the grey water tank can lead to leaks, which can cause water tank failure. Though leaks need fixing at the earliest instant, it’s far better to protect it by having it regularly serviced and getting regular plumbing maintenance done through a licensed plumber.

7. What Do Safety Inspections Comprise?

Well, regular checkups and safety inspections are required to ensure your motorhome or caravan remains in top working condition. Generally, standard maintenance check and safety inspection needed after completion of every 10,000 kilometres or every 12 months, whichever occurs first. Your caravan has several parts that deteriorate with the time that either needs to be repaired or replaced as required.

Safety Inspection Service for Caravan will include the following:

  • Windows & bodywork: Inspect for small gaps or rots.
  • Suspension mounting bolts: Make sure lock nuts & bolts exist, work as intended, and tightly torqued.
  • A-frame: Inspect for cracks, damages, or breakup of parts.
  • Connection cables: Make sure they have no ground-fault issues.
  • Wheel nuts: Inspect locknuts and make sure torqued tightly.
  • Fire safety: Make sure the caravan’s fire extinguisher hasn’t expired, and it has a functioning smoke detector.
  • Make sure all appliances inside the caravan are working as intended.
  • Make sure the brake wiring has no breaks or loose connections in the wires.
  • Inspect park brakes and electric brakes for correct functioning by checking its operation and performing cable adjustments as needed.
  • Check safety chains for possible link damage caused due to constant road contact.
  • Inspect tow coupling and coupling lock for likely damage and make sure the locknuts of coupling bolts are tight.
  • Inspect control arm mounting bolts and ensure bolts and locknuts are integral and make sure torqued tightly.
  • Check jockey wheel and mounting jacket for possible damage because of deterioration.
  • Inspect spring for likely cracks, sagging, distortion or breakage.
  • Check shock absorbers’ locknuts of mounting bolts and make sure they are tight and inspect for potential leakage.
  • Wheel alignment & tyre balance suggested after every 10,000 kilometres run, especially if you have been driving your vehicle on the rough terrains.
  • Check all other vehicle parts to make sure they are in excellent condition and working fittingly.

Conclusion: Regular Maintenance & Upkeep

It’s essential to carry out maintenance checks on regular intervals for your motorhome and caravan to make sure they are in excellent condition for each trip. Manufacturers recommend getting your vehicle serviced annually or after completion of every 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

See it to that you select reputed and trusted service providers that have adequate knowledge, skills and experience on all types and brands of caravan and motorhomes. Caravan repairs & motorhome repairs along with regular service maintenance are significant to keep them in top condition and ready to venture out whenever your heart desires to make a holiday trip!

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