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8 Great XRP Crypto Gifts for Your Loved Ones!

So, it's your close one's birthday or anniversary. And of course, you're thinking about surprising him/her with a gift. But, what should be in that box? It might become quite tough for you to pick a perfect gift!

So, it's your close one's birthday or anniversary. And of course, you're thinking about surprising him/her with a gift.

But, what should be in that box? It might become quite tough for you to pick a perfect gift!

How about if you first ask yourself - What do they not already own? What color would they prefer? What do they like the most? Do they like branded items? Are they crypto lovers or just specific XRP believers?

If it is so, you might add something appealing, memorable, and stylish in a gifting box. 

Like other cryptocurrencies, XRP also has been gaining momentum as one of the leading cryptocurrencies around. And this is why many manufacturers are trading XRP logo-themed items for their crypto customers. With such options, you can add a big smile to your close ones’ face on their special day. From branded XRP clothing collection to fashionable xrp accessories and other xrp wallets, you can pick any highest quality products with amazing style and appeal. 

To make this more convenient, we’ll help!

In this guide, we put together a list of great XRP gifts that’ll WOW your loved ones. So, let’s have a look.

Table of Content


  • T-shirts
  • Water Bottle
  • Dog Bed
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • 3D-Puff Embroidered Classic Cap
  • Vinyl LP Record Wall Clock LP
  • Commemorative Coin With Modern Stand
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Wrapping Up!

8 XRP Gift Ideas


The XRP shirt is a well-fitted clothing category for everyone's wardrobe. Don't you think this could become a memorable stable for your loved ones if you present it as a gift to them? Many manufacturers design t-shirts with the XRP logo, which makes them perfect for spreading awareness. The number of color choices, styles, designs, and patterns will allow you to add something to your close ones' wardrobe. 

Water Bottle

XRP logo featured water bottles are a great gift as they're available in various premium patterns, designs, and colors that your close one loves the most. If your family/friend is a fan of XRP, there isn't any affordable item other than these water bottles. You can use this stylish material to show you care for them the most. This personalized water bottle is a gift that can be used every day, every season, and every year. 

Dog Bed

Gifting your dog an XRP logo featured dog bed will ensure that he/she enjoys their downtime to the fullest extent every day. It means you're providing a perfect place for your dog to sleep. The XRP dog bed can fit in both indoor and outdoor. These beds aren't only soft but also provide a comfortable environment for them. For dogs who require a secure, protected area, a wraparound bed satisfies most sleeping styles. These beds include supportive foam and cushy spun polyester fill. When choosing a bed for a dog, consider an open-style bolster or platform bed for easier access. 

Vacuum Tumbler

How about packing a tumbler as a gift for your loved ones? If you're a close friend or relative with an upcoming birthday, select the perfect XRP Tumblr for him and customize it with a birthday-related message. Additionally, these custom tumblers are versatile gifts that can work for almost any occasion but are particularly suitable as a congratulatory gift. So, order this tumbler to congratulate or wish them. 

These portable, durable, practical, and useful tumblers are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials on crypto Gear Shops. So, whether or not your friends are on the go, these hot beverage coffee tumblers come in 30 oz and 20 oz varieties and will fit any motif and theme. It keeps your friendship strong and your drink cool, depending on your preference. 

3D-Puff Embroidered Classic Cap

Many manufacturers are offering XRP 3D puff embroidery hats for their customers. What if you present it as a gift to your family and friends. The adjustable strap and curved visor will add a more elegant look to your day to day life. This 100% chino cotton twill, unstructured, and 6-panel hat will prevent wrinkles and rays of the sun. When your trendy XRP custom hat will wrap around your head, it'll provide a more stylish look. Its 3D nature of this design method makes your XRP logo pop from the surface of the garment and elevates the overall quality of the decoration.  

Vinyl LP Record Wall Clock LP 

Offering an XRP vinyl wall clock for your close one is an excellent choice. This will make your house look stylish, from your living room to your bedroom. This is an ideal option for home decor. You can present this as a unique gift to those who are in love with music. These coils are the best gift for birthday, anniversary, celebration, mother's day, father's day, Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Order an XRP featured wall record for your close ones and bring a surprise smile on their face. 

Commemorative Coin With Modern Stand

If your close one is an XRP coin collector and thus looking for an XRP coin along with a display case for your home or office, don't worry, a commemorative coin with a modern stand is an excellent choice for him on his birthday. Its sleek and modern frame will provide an excellent appearance to your home, and the XRP coin gives a look of modernity. The conventional display of the case has a powerful and adjustable transparent film. 

Bluetooth Headphones

Who wouldn't appreciate a good pair of headphones and crypto Bluetooth speakers when you present them as a gift this holiday season? Of course, everyone! Nowadays, customized XRP headphone gifts always make it to the top of the in-demand list. You can use their headphones for music, news, games, or watching video content. Such an amazing benefit for a pair of headphones. Offering someone a pair of headphones is an essential item to maintain a good relationship with your close ones. Even when you present XRP headphones to your deserving employees, it'll reflect a message of hard work. 

Wrapping Up!

So, are you now ready to surprise your XRP Clothing lover friend with these amazing gifting ideas! Of course, you're! There are a number of manufacturers who collect all of the major cryptocurrency-related products for creating a unique personality of yours. Crypto has provided a generous array of gifts for your friend, so you don't have to let all the jollity get you down. Just pick your favorite one and keep your bond strong and warm forever. 

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