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Best Wireless earphones Under 20 dollar

VolgoPoint offers the wireless headphones compatible with all devices. You can visit our store and buy the wireless earphones for any device you have. Our devices can be used with any device supporting Bluetooth. We have different wireless earphones. Let’s get to our store and find the best wireless headphones. Get discounts on all the wireless earphones.

If you’re looking for the best budget earphones, you’ve definitely come to te right place when visiting VolgoPoint Shopping. There isn’t any other webshop in the world where you can find so many great cheap earphones with free shipping around the world.


In the past, people prefer a wired headphone over wireless because wireless earphones have low battery time and poor sound quality and it was too costly. But today the wireless headphones are more efficient because of revolution in technology they are more advances, long-lasting batteries and high-quality sounds.

Everyone now prefers to buy  Wireless Earphone with best sound quality and long-lasting battery with all these options currently available in one, it can be difficult to choose which earphone is the best. Wireless headphones give you the freedom of not requiring wires, and are even more portable and easier to toss into a pocket or bag. Volgopoint has the Widest Range of wireless earphones and choosing the best among the hundreds of Wireless Headphones is not easy.

In this comprehensive guide, you will find the Best & Cheaper (in price not in quality) Chinese Bluetooth Earphones and Earbuds on VolgoPoint Shopping. Its like a jungle and we will be your guide to find the best budgeted and cheap wireless earphone because there is a great number of earphones available but not all are good.


  1. BASEUS MAGNETIC: These Bluetooth earphones by Baseus features premium sound packed in an ergonomic and classy design. Apart from the earphones, the package includes a case, a charging cable, and two pairs of earmuffs of different sizes so that you can find your perfect fit. The device is user-friendly and can last you up to a fairly decent 8 hours, just enough for a long trip or a regular workday.
  2. BASEUS S09:These Bluetooth earphones are made for the sporty. The earphones have magnetic ends so that you can wear them like a necklace when not in use. It prevents losing them while you are on a jog.At the same time, this device is water-resistant, for swimmers out there. Of course, in the sound department, it delivers well with excellent sound quality and noise reduction. It is compatible with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices.
  3. CCA C04: A bass lovers earphone, with much emphasis and good details in the bass, and a bit toned down mids and highs.
  4. RORETA DUAL DRIVE STEREO: This wired earphones from Roreta looks sleek and elegant. It provides a wide dynamic range and a prominent dual bass sound. It has a controller which you can use to adjust volume and answer calls. The controller also has a microphone installed. The wires are made to be durable and flexible with its anti-winding design.
  5. KZ ED16: Delivers a full bodied bass and mids, and has huge airyness to it, making the sound feel like you're in a stadium.
  6. KZ ZSA: More neutral sounding than other KZ's, and due to the small size they fit great. Even for sleeping or under helmet purposes.
  7. KZ ZSN: Great soundstage, excellent placement of instruments, crystal clear vocals and a delicate bass. Recommended for everybody — beginner or expert.
  8. Nicehck EP10: Like Apple Earpods, but made from metal and in stylish black or grey. For bass lovers, with lots of bass quantity and quality and an airy sound. Less suited for vocals.
  9. QKZ VK4: A spectacular-for-the-price, full sound with elevated vocals and highs, plenty of detail and impressive instrument separation and placement
  10. Senfer DT6: Amazing soundstage and detail, a nice combination of a warm and bright sound, with a good bass support and without becoming tiresome. It gets better when you buy a different mmcx-cable.


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