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Summer Sunglasses Trends in the world 2021

While we are getting ready to go out of our homes this summer, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles. The summer trends of 2021 are entirely different from the previous year. Several designers presented several creative sunglasses designs that might capture your eye while looking for a pair. Meanwhile, we have curated a list of trendy styles to look out for when purchasing your next pair of shades.

Do not limit your creativity and mix and match your sunglasses with different outfits to make a trendy appearance this year. Moreover, these sunglasses in Pakistan come with the least light transmission for added comfort throughout the day.

Go Big or Go Home

Oversized frames provide more protection to the eyes and give a mysterious look to your avatar. This trend became highly popular over the year and made its way into this year as well. An oversized pair of shades cover a part of your forehead and cheeks. However, you can choose a size according to your preference and what suits your face. Various designer brands such as Gucci and Prada launched these frames to keep up with the latest fashion trends and styles. You can buy these eyeglasses with dark lenses as well to add more glamour to your look. Meanwhile, these pieces look good on their own and go well with almost every outfit.

Narrow and Elongated

Elongated sunglasses are perfect for those who wish to experiment with their looks but do not want to go for oversized frames. These shades give a chic and sleek look to your face with horizontally long lenses. Sometimes these shades come with pointed ends or rounded edges depending upon your preference. The round edges give a softer look to these eyeglasses while maintaining the unique shape and design. One of the most popular brands of shades, Miu Miu always comes up with funky designs according to the latest trends. You can browse their collection of slim frames to accentuate your look every day.

Aviators With a Flair

The iconic and classic look of Aviators recently got an upgrade with the latest innovations. Go for a metal gold frame or look for mirrored lenses to add a staple accessory to your wardrobe. The stand-out nose bridge and brow bar add more appeal to this timeless design. Moreover, the large-sized teardrop lenses add more impact to these shades. You can also opt for extra dark sunglasses against a transparent acetate frame for a more elevated look. A variety of tinted lenses also add a youthful flair to these frames. However, these pairs look good in every color and material due to the evergreen vibe. Some top designer brands such as Tom Ford and Versace presented these aviator sunglasses with added twists.

Bright and Aesthetic Colors

Summer calls for vibrant hues that go with these light clothes for this season. Fortunately, many brands released their latest collections of fun and playful colors for this year. Either go for jewel tones or neon brights to draw all attention to your face. These colors look stunning with every outfit and add a dramatic aspect to your look. You can look for trendy tinted lenses with these bright-colored designs or go for rimless frames for a subtle look. Miu Miu launches the most vibrant hues of sunglasses every year to fulfill the needs of its customers. Moreover, the minimal high bridges also go well with these eyeglasses.

Calming White Frames

White acetate frames always remind us of iconic celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Kurt Cobain. These shades were a staple back in the day and recently made a comeback due to their high demand. The white tone of these sunglasses always leaves a memorable impact. These also make your look stand out from the crowd. This year go for these light-tones shades paired with darker lens tints for added protection and a fashionable look. These special glasses will surely turn heads everywhere you go due to the iconic design. Some brands also add gold embellishments or accents to uplift the white tone of these sunglasses. Moreover, this color looks soothing to the eyes in the scorching heat of summer.

Angular and Geometric

Another latest trend to make its way into every wardrobe over the past year is geometric sunglasses. You can substitute them with light sensitivity glasses during summer for extra protection. Some people also use these trendy frames as indoor sunglasses for light sensitivity with subtly tinted lenses. Either way, you can get enough use out of these shades during the whole season. Many brands offer a variety of shapes in these sunglasses with a combination of different materials and colors. Hexagonal lenses are in the spotlight this year after several brands launched these shades in various sizes.

Vintage Cat-Eye

Cat-eye sunglasses give a retro look without going overboard. You can expect some modern twists to these vintage frames this year. The latest eyewear trends include thick and chunky acetate frames with a defined cat-eye shape for an uplifted look. Sometimes, these pairs also come with a softer look with rounded edges and thin frames. Either way, this shape makes an impact every time you adorn it on an event or just another day. This design looks stunning during the summer season due to the vibrant colors and tinted lenses. You can also get polarized sunglasses in this design to add the factor of extra protection.

Sporty Eyewear For the Win

The casual and sleek vibe of these sunglasses looks good in every season throughout the year. Also, these shades come in handy when you need some extra protection or overall well-covered eyes. The unusual look of these shades accentuates any casual outfit and complements your athletic vibe. You can get these frames with any type of lenses and tints according to your choice. This eyewear is perfect for a bright sunny day since it provides a fresh look with functionality and style.

Neon Tinted Lenses

Another eyewear trend of 2021 is the bright or neon-colored lenses that go well with almost every frame. These semi-transparent lenses add a fun touch to any boring frame without looking over the top. You can also substitute your old lenses with colored ones for this year.

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