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Check Out These Fresh Kitchen Design Trends To Renew Its Look

If you plan on renovating your kitchen, then you might want to look at the latest interior design trends to refresh its look before looking for good granite stores in Denver.

If you plan on renovating your kitchen, then you might want to look at the latest interior design trends to refresh its look before looking for hardwood floors in Fort Collins. It's true that trends keep changing, especially when it comes to aesthetics. But many of these trends have a functional aspect, which can be helpful when you consider that the kitchen is the busiest area in any home.

The floor, countertop and cabinet are usually the most important aspects of the kitchen design. But other aspects like backsplash, lighting, etc. also play a role.

Contrasting Countertops

The contrast between the colors of the countertop and cabinet adds some interesting drama to the kitchen. The contrast defines the area’s floor plan. You can buy dark countertop slabs from granite stores in Denver and white oak cabinetry to add warmth and sophistication to your cooking area.

Slab Backsplash

A tile backsplash may be more affordable than a slab backsplash, but you need to clean the grout between tiles to prevent them from yellowing. You also need to refill the gap in case the grout wears off and a tile comes loose. A slab backsplash creates a uniform look for the wall. It’s easier to clean due to the lack of grout. You can choose a slab resistant to water, heat, scratch and stain for easy maintenance.

Gravity-Defying Island

No, the kitchen island does not defy the gravity but seems to do with half of the countertop without any cabinet below. This gives you enough space to place stools under the island when you’re not using it and gives the kitchen a clean look. It integrates the island into the kitchen architecture better. Make sure that the lower cabinet can handle the weight of the larger slab you buy from granite stores in Denver.

Open Shelving

More and more homes are replacing upper cabinets with open shelves. Aesthetically, they let you display your favorite utensils to your guests without the doors blocking the view. From a functional perspective, it’s easy to grab the utensils you need without the cabinet doors in the way.

Dominance Of Wood

It’s not just about the cabinet or hardwood floors in Fort Collins. Many homeowners are going for wood countertops, walls, etc. to add a warm aesthetic to the kitchen. Many use faux wood instead to avoid polishing or scraping its surface to maintain it.

Colored Cabinets

Homeowners are moving away from classic white cabinets to experiment with new colors and stand apart from their neighbors. Popular colors include deep or grey-washed blues and greens. They are paired with brass and other contrasting hardware and fixtures.

Trickling Floor Pattern

The trickling floor pattern uses a combination of hexagon tiles and hardwood floors. The design makes it seem like the tiles are trickling into the wood. It’s a useful style to have because it allows you to use tiles near the wet areas and warm wood floor near the dry areas of the kitchen. You can find the necessary flooring supply in Denver from the same shop in most cases.

Built-In Appliances

If you feel that your appliances make your kitchen seem too crowded, then you can use built-in appliances instead. They hide the appliances from view and give the kitchen a neat and tidy look. They work especially well in a chrome setting and give the area a modern look.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is already a popular flooring supply in Denver among those looking for a low cost and low maintenance alternative to the wood while keeping the warm airy look. You can take it a step further by ordering waterproof tiles for your floor. They’re perfect for the kitchen where you tend to spill something or the other. You can clean the area with ease.

Honed Countertop Surface

Many people prefer honed countertop surfaces to hide scratches and other blemishes. A honed finish is a matte finish with very little or no gloss despite a smooth surface. It suits granite, quartz and marble well.

Dark Grout

Once limited to subway tiles, you can now use this flooring supply in Denver with other types of tiles, mainly light-colored ones. It gives the floor/backsplash a pop-up effect. It’s also easier to clean than light-colored grout.

Veined Countertop Surface

Many homeowners want their countertops to be expressive. That’s why they prefer slabs with veins that add pattern and character to them. Most natural stones have some vein patterns on them. Manufacturers can develop them on engineered stones for more realism.

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