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Bengal Traditional outfits are simple and soothing. They reflect the region's rich culture and tradition. Men prefer to wear panjabi, while women prefer to wear saris. In Bengal, saris are available in a wide range of designs and colors. Cotton saris from Bengal are exported throughout Bangladesh. The dresses are also reasonably priced. Bengalis dress up in traditional and religiously representative garb. Women wear traditional clothes during festival periods such as Eid or Puja. Since both Bengal and Bangladesh were the same before India gained independence, their costumes are very similar.


When it comes to clothing, many of us have the habit of obsessing about what to wear, what color goes well with what, and what styles of clothing enhance personality. Girls, in particular, are insatiable. There are different styles of dresses for different occasions, such as office dresses, party dresses, daytime outing dresses, nighttime outing dresses, sleeping dresses, and wedding dresses, to name a few. In a nutshell, our urge to look better by dressing better knows no bounds. Designers are rushing to capitalize on the trend. They tell you what to wear and what not to wear, what color dress to wear during the day and what color dress to wear at night, what dress to wear for slim people and what dress to wear to make fat people look slimmer.


Traditional/Occasional Wear: The traditional sari is a source of pride for Bengali women. The world-famous Bengali saree has become a cult fashion item due to its widespread popularity. The sari, a particular type of sari, is the local women's signature outfit. The sarees are mainly silk, with a deeply embroidered orna or border. Now-a-days online e-commerce sites have a lot of Bangladeshi traditional cloth collections. Kablewala (www.kablewala.com.bd) is one of them. Kablewala has a verities of cloth collection like (sari, Panjabi, three pics. Etc). There so many popular vendors who served for Kablewala. Kablewala delivers the products within a few days. So customer can have a good outfit buy staying at home. Now the world is fighting with a common virus which is covid-19. The best way to fight this is staying at home. So Kablewala is the best to have Bengali Traditional Apparels from home. Women are the smartest people in this world. Their choice is the best one. Kablewala thinks about their choice and sells the best apparel.


While clothing rarely reveals a person's identity or personality, it may reveal the nation, culture, or time period to which he or she belongs. By studying terracotta drawings or statues of people from the ancient and medieval periods, we will learn about those periods. According to history, a region's costume evolves in accordance with its customs. However, western fashion has now taken over the world. Traditional dresses are seeing a drop in sales as more people seek out western attire. Pahela Baishakh, on the other hand, provides some resistance to the strong headwind of western dress culture, as people prefer traditional attire for the day's celebration.


Every Bengali woman owes a rare beauty to the saree weavers, who are masters of their craft. The shimmering Gold thread work that adorns the border adds to each saree's classic appeal. Thankfully, despite the fact that it appears to be very thick, a Bengali saree is extremely comfortable to wear. Kablewala is online Shop Women Apparels Bangladesh. Women of Bangladesh can have best collection in Kablewala.
Bengalis all over the world now believe in wearing clothes from all walks of life and from all cultures. Salwar kameez and cotton sarees are common among women. They are also seen dressed in western attire. Traditional attire is usually worn only on special occasions or during religious ceremonies.

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