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Characteristics of The Best Quality Mattress

So, these were some of the characteristics of the best mattress brand in India

Our normal sleep time is approximately for seven to eight hours and we spend that time on our mattress. When your body is in contact with mattress for such a long time it must be comfortable to give you a good night’s sleep. Along with comfort people also consider the price of the mattress, and you must not compromise on the quality especially when you have a persistent back problem. Investing in a good quality mattress will save you on medical bills in the long term.


Often finding the best mattress quality is not a cakewalk, there are certain characteristics of a quality mattress that you must investigate when purchasing. You can also find the best mattresses in India online when you know if the mattress has the following characteristics.

  1. Density of foam

Density is the measure of how closely packed to each other the inside foam is, which makes it dense. A mattress with a higher density will provide you with better sleep than the one with less density. A high-density foam mattress provides superior back support in every position. It also weighs around 75Kg per cubic meter whereas the lower density foam will weigh around 40-45kg per cubic meter. A higher foam density mattress along with providing great comfort will decide on how durable your mattress is and how long it will work.

 2. Warranty

The best mattress brand in India will last you a good 10 years or more when used efficiently. A warranty usually depends upon the foam density of the mattress; with high density, the warranty is also higher. Best mattresses with having a warranty of minimum 5 years and may also extend till 10 years. A warranty provides you with peace of mind while taking away your worries. It also assures you of the investment in good product.

3. Lightweight

Comfort and durability are the prime things that we desire in a mattress but a mattress with lightweight is completely different happiness. You frequently require changing sheets on your mattress and lifting a heavyweight mattress to tuck in the sheet requires immense muscle power. Therefore, a lightweight mattress here is much preferable as changing sheets frequently becomes an easy task. Also, a best orthopaedic mattress in India will always be light weighted.

 4. Comfort

People only compare comfort with a good night’s sleep but, actual comfort is much beyond that. True comfort is the comfort of movements, temperature, and of skeletal muscle with support. A quality mattress will provide you with combined comfort when you practice good sleeping positions that are helpful for your joints and back.

 5. User friendly

Along with our comfort, it is also the other person who needs to occupy the bed. When both the people who want to occupy the bed are comfortable it is an ideal example of the best mattress in India. Sometimes when one person occupies the bed the other might be just twisting and turning on the bed. To avoid such situations, you must find a mattress that has movement isolation quality. It also allows the other person to enjoy the comfort of the mattress.

 6. Price

There are many ways price matters a lot. Usually, quality mattresses are not that cheap, but it will also not cost you your fortune. Pricing in best orthopaedic mattress in India is not about low or high price but pricing right. When an understandable amount is charged for the right quality mattress it is worth the amount paid.


So, these were some of the characteristics of the best mattress brand in India. Bianca Mattress offers all the above characteristics in their mattress and shopping for their mattress is happiness. So, consider BIANCA mattress online for your next mattress purchase. For information, you can visit

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