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The Difference in Purchasing Mattress in Store Vs. Online

But, if you want more flexibility and variety in your purchase then you must go for an online mattress store in India.

You may be confused about whether to shop for a mattress in brick and mortar store or through online websites. Here both the options have their pros and cons.

In this article, we are going to describe which option has the most affordable products, fast deliveries, best return policies, and the most important highest quality beds. This way you will know which method is appropriate for you when purchasing a new mattress.

To know the difference between online mattress store in India and the physical store, we will break down this article into common categories like trial periods, affordability, quality, customer service, returns and delivery. Each section will explain how the two shopping methods will tackle the issue and offer the service.

Let’s see how different both the methods are from each other.


  1. Affordability

Online – Online mattress purchase has the greatest advantage of affordability. The online market has an amazing price range. Here you will find queen size beds for as cheap as Rs. 1000 to as expensive as Rs. 50,000 depending on your needs.

In-store – the brick and mortar mattress stores usually have less variety as they cannot accommodate mattresses of every range in their store due to space constraints. It won’t have the diverse options that you could find in an online mattress store in India.

When evaluating both the options we find that if you want a wide range of selection than online mattress store is the best and if you want to try out the mattress then you must go with purchasing a mattress in the store.

2. Quality

Online – In online stores, you can find mattresses of all varieties. It can have a cheap mattress as well as some high-end brand mattresses. So it is difficult to assume that you will only get a certain quality of beds as online stores host all varieties of mattresses. The one best thing about online store is that you get the information about the complete breakdown of the material used in the mattress.

In-Store – Mattresses in the store usually have a high quality, as the store owner will not want to tarnish his reputation by hosting cheap quality beds. They want customers to remember them for their quality and make purchase frequently. Unfortunately, in the online mattress store in India, you will not be able to see the inside material used in the mattress but surely can look and feel the upper layer of the mattress.

3. Customer service

Online – Overall customer service in the online store is better when compared to that of brick and mortar store. Various companies have brand experts that are available to chat whenever you need them. Their services might also be available in the extended hours just to accommodate your needs.

In-Store – if you like to speak with a profession during your mattress buying journey than certainly going for in-store shopping would be a wise thing. Here you may also encounter pushy salesperson just trying to impress you to sell their product. if you do not want to make your purchase on others influence than you must think of purchasing from an online mattress store in India.

4. Delivery and returns

Online – you will get the delivery of your mattress right at your doorstep when you purchase online. Though returns may be a bit of hassle as it involves packing things up in a box, the overall experience of delivery and returns is not that complicated as it seems.

In-Store – delivery from the physical store may a bit faster as the store has its mechanism for delivery. But for returns, you will have to deal with a whole new set of inconvenience in terms of negotiation.


So, we conclude here that there are pros and cons for each shopping method. But, if you want more flexibility and variety in your purchase then you must go for an online mattress store in India.

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