Tips On Renting A Car At Cheap Cost From Locatmane Cars

Tips On Renting A Car At Cheap Cost From Locatmane Cars

Renting a car in advance is not the only way to pay less for a rental car. It is known: the rental prices of a car can vary from single or double. Some common sense tips are sure to lower the budget even if you take it at the last moment.

How to rent a car?

Before booking or doing anything with a company, be sure to identify the best value for money. For this you just have to go to the comparison sites, they give you a better idea of ​​prices and qualities of service offered in the rental market.

To avoid disappointment, choose a model of car that you are used to; there will be little adaptation time and the trip will be calmer.

Book at the last moment?

This is the mistake not to commit. In some cases, difficult to do otherwise, but it is 48 hours before the vehicle is taken that price starts to climb on some models, usually entry-level.

The car rental contract

Before signing, remember to read the contract proposed by the renter. Make sure you understand all the content and pay special attention to exclusions and small print. Most of the packages offered only include the basic package. It is therefore necessary to check what is included and what is not.

Look for specials

Do you know all the emails and online ads you've learned to ignore? Well, they are full of good deals, and car rental companies usually offer some type of promotion. Make sure to take a look at the seasonal specials to get the cheapest rate possible. You could also find opportunities to upgrade your rental car without paying a penny more. The agreements are there. Just search for them.

Avoid paying extra fees

Book a vehicle at a good price, that's good, but still make sure you do not have any additional costs to pay when handing the vehicle. It is therefore very important to follow the instructions of the car rental company (make the car with full and on time, clean the vehicle ...).

Attention Insurance!

Insurance is an absolute must. Be careful not to pay for insurance you already have. For this, you must first check with your bank guarantees that you have through your credit card.

Avoid renting at the airport

For practical reasons, it is tempting to rent directly at the airport. Indeed, nothing better than getting off the plane, pick up your luggage and the rental car then take the road directly to discover the island. But renting a vehicle at the airport can cost you more, because the agencies present in the enclosure of the airport have to pay a cost related to the location, and this surplus they pass it necessarily on the rental prices.

Is unlimited mileage included?

Most of the time the mileage is unlimited. But small agencies may have other conditions. Check the terms and conditions to be sure unlimited mileage is included in the rental price. If it is not included, check that you have enough base kilometers in the contract.

Check the condition of the vehicle with the renter before leaving

Check the condition of the vehicle before any departure is very important. If there is any problem, do not hesitate to put them on the contract, to avoid any additional expenses for damages for which you are not responsible for the restitution. The same goes for the starting mileage, it must be identical on the car and on your contract.

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