Insurance Policies for Buying Pocket Bikes

The fun factor of this modern world is that technology has given us many gadgets. One such gadget is a pocket bike, but as it comes with an engine and tires, one needs to file your

The fun factor of this modern world is that technology has given us many gadgets. One such gadget is a pocket bike, but as it comes with an engine and tires, one needs to file your insurance to use it. Before talking about insurance policies about pocket bikes first, we have to know what is a pocket bike; uses and needs of pocket bikes in our life, why, and how it came to existence? Most importantly, why we call it a pocket bike?

Here, we will discuss all the mentioned points and about insurance policies for buying pocket bikes.

What is a pocket bike?

Pocket bikes are compact size motorbikes designed for some specific customers for entertainment and racing purposes. Pocket bikes have motor engines like normal bikes that are available in gas, oil, and electric variants. As these bikes are small in size, people also buy these bikes for their children for their entertainment and learning purposes. Pocket bikes are also used on a specific type of race track. Many countries like the USA, Italy, Japan, etc. have been organizing events for decades. The popularity of such bikes started in the ‘50s, and then their manufacturing increased. 

Since pocket bikes are small in size and consist of less equipment, some necessary equipment is absent in these bikes; thus, it is not allowed to ride them among public traffic. Pocket bikes are mainly made for two purposes; one is for recreational purposes in which you are using your vehicle in your own property or for your children’s hobby as it looks like a miniature version of sports bikes with an attractive look and the other one is for the racing purpose.


Why do we need an insurance policy for pocket bikes?

Insurance policies are a very crucial part of your assets; it reduces the risk of great damage and also reduces the cost of damage. These days, the price for bikes has shot up, and they come with many risks that can cost you a lot. For instance, if one meets with an accident and any damage is caused to the bike or your health, the insurance will help you in recovering. The insurance companies help recover the damage caused to you and the bike. You can claim the amount of repairing the vehicle or provide compensation to your family in case of medical injuries or severe surgery.

 Insurance policy for the pocket bikes

As it is a motor vehicle and can achieve speed high speed, it is capable of causing injuries. So, for your and your bike’s protection, you need an insurance policy that can overcome your cost replacement and help recover the damage caused. Since pocket bikes are mainly used as recreational purposes, so their policies are also different. It is also covered through car insurance, depending upon the use. The insurance company gives you cover under a special package. There may be tough rules and regulations for the insurance cover of recreation pocket bikes. But in the case of competitive bikes, their insurance policy can be dealt with by bike automobile insurance companies. In both cases, make sure that you go through the paperwork well.

What precaution should be taken while insuring pocket bikes?

Go through the terms & conditions.

You should read the terms and conditions of the insurance company carefully as these bikes are not legal in the streets, so the company may apply more terms and conditions than usual insurance of bikes.

Compare different companies

You should choose an insurance company that can give you better coverage in marginal premiums. Go through a few companies and compare them for availing better services.

Speak to the manufacturer

You must also discuss it with the retailer or manufacturer of the bike from whom you are purchasing your new wheels. For instance, if you plan to ride the pocket bike USA produced in the UK, will the same policies be applicable?

Clear the doubts

If the insurance company states that you can claim the insurance under a situation of an accident, you must clarify which all incidents come under the term ‘accident.’ Is it only while off-roading or a bad experience in the backyard is also counted?


So here we have discussed pocket bikes and their insurance. You can conclude that pocket bikes are made for a specific set of the target audience and some competitive purposes and cannot be used as a proper mode for transportation. Most of the people around the world, especially the usage of pocket bike the USA follows is also for recreational purposes as it is uber-cool and entertaining. Even if it used for the purpose of fun activity, you must register for insurance. Also, keep in mind insurance policies may charge more than usual price and can put additional restrictions so you should extra care of these points while buying a pocket bike.

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