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A Complete Guide to Erectile Dysfunction!

As a man, if you always have problems with getting an erection or even if somehow you do manage to get an erection you find it hard to keep it up long enough for you to have sex, then you are suffering from ED, which is also known as male impotency. The problem with ED is that if you do not get it treated, sex is as good as impossible. One in 5 men suffers from male impotency and with age, this number only tends to increase. Erectile Dysfunction - A Typical Worldwide Issue in Men's

Erectile Dysfunction vs. Sex Drive That Is Very Poor

When it comes to sex, there are a number of issues that men can face, including the likes of ejaculation issues and a sex drive that is very minimal or almost nonexistent. But the problem with ED is very specific and it refers to problems with being able to get a hardon – or being able to maintain that hardon for a time that is long enough to have satisfactory sex. Almost always, there is a physical problem that lies behind ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

These are inclusive of:

  • Failure to get a hardon.
  • Hardon does not last for a time that is sufficient enough to indulge in good sex.
  • Erections are so soft; it is just not possible to have sex.

The bottom line is that if continuously you are not able to get an erection or you cannot get an erection that is hard enough or you cannot get an erection that lasts long enough for you to have sex, it means you are suffering from ED.

Who Can Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

As you get older, ED gets all the more common. In the age group of 40, only around 5% of men suffer from ED. But in the age group of 70, this number shoots up to as much as 15%. But do not mistakenly think that just because you get older, it means your sex life is going to be zero!

The truth is that even though you are old, you can still be treated for ED. Fact is, ED is not brought about only because of age. There are other factors that can also give rise to ED, such as high blood pressure, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and smoking.

Erectile Dysfunction – The Mechanics!

In the penis, there are two chambers called corpora cavernosa. When blood fills both of these chambers, a man gets a hardon. And the result is, the penis expands and stiffens, akin to a balloon being filled with water. And this process is imitated by impulses being sent out from the brain, as well as nerves in the genital region. ED is brought about if the flow of blood to the penis is stopped or if these impulses are blocked.

What Is The Erectile Dysfunction Cause?

There are a number of factors that give rise to erectile dysfunction and these are:

  • Diabetes: This is one of the main reasons for the cause of ED. Men who suffer from diabetes, are twice or even thrice as likely to suffer from ED, as compared with men who do not have diabetes. And this could begin as earlier as 10 or 15 years. But this risk of getting ED can be lowered, by controlling the blood sugar. ED can be brought about by any condition that restricts the flow of blood from taking place in the body. This is inclusive of conditions such as kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
  • Lifestyle: Choices made with regards to ones lifestyle, also contribute a lot to ED being caused. Drug use disorder, heavy drinking and smoking could bring about severe damage to the blood vessels and thus reduce the blood flow taking place to the penis. Doing little or no exercise or being overweight, can also increase the chances of getting ED. Studies reveal that men who exercise on a regular basis, stand a lesser chance of getting erectile dysfunction.
  • Surgery: Surgery, which is inclusive of treatment for BPH, bladder cancer or prostate cancer, could at times result in damage being caused to blood vessels and nerves that are located near to the penis. If this treatment is permanent, for a man to get an erection, surgery is required. However, in some instances, ED brought about as a result of surgery is only temporary and it gets better by itself, within 6 to 18 months. 
  • Medication: ED could also be as a result of side effects brought about as a result of taking certain kinds of medicines such as antidepressants and blood pressure drugs. In case you feel that some over-the-counter drug or some prescription that you are taking is causing erectile dysfunction, you need to talk to your physician. It is important that you take note that unless and until you talk to your doctor, do not stop taking your medicine.
  • Psychological: It is true that as you get older, the chances of you suffering from ED are higher. But, it does not mean that ED is only brought about by physical reasons. ED can be as a result of things taking place in your head too. According to the opinions of experts, ED can also be brought about because of performance anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and depression. And the bigger problem is, if the cause of ED is physical, these factors only contribute to ED being worse than it already is.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling is not at all one of the recommended erectile dysfunction exercises. Studies reveal that hard core bicyclists have a far greater chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction, as compared to other athletes. This is because there are some seats of bicycles which put a great amount of pressure on the perineum. The perineum is an area that lies between the scrotum and the anus. This area is filled with nerves and arteries that play a vital role in sexual arousal. Cycling for many hours, continuously, damages these arteries and nerves and gives rise to ED. The solution for bicyclists who bicycle many hours every week, lies in getting a bicycle seat that is designed for the protection of the perineum area.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of ED is done in a number of ways such as:

  • Physical Examination: When you go to the doctor, in order to diagnose ED, your doctor will ask you a lot of questions pertaining to your medical history and symptoms. The doctor will carry out a thorough physical examination, to see for signs of nerve trouble and poor circulation. The doctor will also examine your genital region, to see for issues that could be the cause of you having trouble getting a hardon. The doctor may also suggest that you go and get some kind of erectile dysfunction test done.
  • Laboratory Tests: Getting laboratory tests done are a great way of diagnosing ED. Liver tests, blood cell counts, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels can help in determining underlying conditions that can indicate the presence of ED.

Is Erectile Dysfunction A Sign Of Heart Disease?

ED can also be a warning sign of some very serious illness. There is a study that indicates that erectile dysfunction symptoms can be indicative of a stroke or heart attack – and even death, as a result of cardiovascular disease. Thus, if you have been diagnosed as suffering from ED, it is very vital that you go and get examined to see if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease.  This however, is not indicative that every man who has heart disease has ED and neither does it imply that every man who has ED will suffer from heart disease - but it is very important that you are fully aware of the connection!

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated?

There are various erectile dysfunction treatments that are available and these are inclusive of:

  • Lifestyle Changes: With a few changes in your lifestyle, it could be possible for you to bring about an improvement to your sex life. You can improve your flow of blood by exercising regularly, losing weight and not smoking. If you feel that you are taking a certain drug that is causing you to suffer from erectile dysfunction, you need to talk to a physician about putting you on another drug or whether adjusting the dose of the drug you are on, could work.
  • Oral Medications: There are a number of world class oral erectile dysfunction medicine that are available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and some of these can be got right here. These world class drugs are Tadarise, Avana, Suhagra, Fildena, Avaforce, Malegra, Cenforce, Vidalista, Tadalista, Vigora, Kamagra and Filagra. Men all over the globe use these drugs, much to their satisfaction, as they get erections that are very hard, letting them have simply mind blowing sex, for long hours! And the great news for you is that you can get these drugs right here - and they will be delivered right to your doorstep by us – www.himsedpills.com, no matter where you are in the world! All of these oral medications work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, when a man is sexually aroused. In general, these pills need to be taken 30 – 60 minutes before wanting to have sex and they can only be taken once in 24 hours. Tadalafil can be taken up to 36 hours before having sex and it can also be got in a lower dose, which can be taken every day. For the purposes of safety, all of these pills need a nod from your doctor.
  • Injections: Though pills are a great way to treat erectile dysfunction and men all over the globe use them and get very strong hardons, it is possible that some men could get stronger hardons, by injecting a drug straight into their penis.  These drugs work by widening the blood vessels and in this way, the penis gets filled with blood and becomes hard and erect. Another option that is available here is to put a medicated pellet, into the opening end of the penis. This pellet can give a hardon within as fast as 10 minutes.
  • Vacuum Devices: Pumps or vacuum devices are another option used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The penis has to be placed within a cylinder and a pump has to be used to draw out the air. In this way, around the penis, a partial vacuum is created. In this method, so as to be able to maintain the erection to have sex, around the base of the penis, an elastic band needs to be worn.
  • Surgery: If there is a blocked artery that leads to the penis, which is the cause of ED, the flow of blood can be restored by doing surgery. Surgery is a good way of dealing with ED, for men who are under the age of 30. But for older men, where the narrowing of arteries is extensive, surgery is not recommended by doctors.
  • Implants: Penile implants can help men have sex, if they have long term erectile dysfunction.  In implants that are inflatable, two cylinders are used, which can be fully pumped with pressurized fluid. In a malleable implant, rods are used and these rods let the man adjust the position of his penis.
  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy can help a lot, even though the cause of ED is physical. From a therapist, couples can learn various techniques which can help them in improving intimacy and reducing performance anxiety. With therapy, couples can also learn to adjust and use implants and vacuum devices also some natural remedy to cure ED.
  • Alternative Therapies: There are a number of supplements that are available for treating erectile dysfunction, but before you use them, you first need to consult a physician. Supplements could have 10 or more ingredients in them and as such, other aspects of one’s health could worsen, because of this. There are some men who state that there are alternative treatments which they use, which help them to get hardons and keep these hardons. But, these are not recommended by doctors, as their long term safety is not known.
  • Beware Buyers: By doing a search on the World Wide Web, one can find loads and loads of dietary supplements, that stake claim to be highly effective in the treatment of ED. But it has been strictly warned by the FDA, that most of these are not at all what they claim to be. Many of these even contain ingredients that are not even listed on the label and these can cause severe problems if a man is taking certain medicines and these unlisted ingredients in these dietary supplements react wrongly with them.

How to Lower the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a few simple things you can do to lower your chances of getting ED and these are:

  • Diabetes must be kept under control.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Do not have alcohol.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid substance abuse.
  • Ensure that you keep a weight that is a healthy one.

Talk To Your Partner about Your Erectile Dysfunction

You may be the one suffering from ED, but you are not the only one suffering, your partner is also suffering because you have ED! You need to be very open and talk to your partner about your erectile dysfunction issue, as this will help your partner get a proper understanding of the diagnosis and the kinds of treatments that are available. By talking to your partner about your ED issue, you will also be reassuring your partner that you have not lost interest in them!

Get World Class Erectile Dysfunction Treatment!

If you are suffering from male impotency and you are seeking only the very best treatment in the world for this, you can get this right here. www.himsedpills.com will deliver this world class erectile dysfunction treatment to you, right to your door – wherever you are in the world!

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