Risk Fact and solution for Erectile Dysfunction

A simple way to eliminate Erectile dysfunction problem and men must know the risk fact about erectile dysfunction problem.

Erectile dysfunction is one type of sexual disease; it will halt relationship happiness between couples. This health issue is mainly stopping erection formation in men reproductive organ. It also makes men inability to maintaining the relationship for a long hour with his partner. Many men are getting stress, depression, and anxiety due to the ED problem.

Risk Fact about Erectile dysfunction

Men those who are in the age group 40, more than 5% of them are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). One bitter truth is men those who are in the age group 50 to 60; they are suffering from ED problem more than 50%. Below the age 40, that means in the age group of 23-39 of men are suffering from impotence problem 2 %. In USA more than 30 million men are suffering from ED problem. In Canada, more than half of the men are struggling with ED problem. So all over the world, several men are facing this ED problem, especially men those who in the age 40 and above are struggling with Impotence problem.

Factors Contributing To Erectile Dysfunction

There are few significant risk factors that contribute to men all over the world suffering from ED and I want to mention it below.

  • Age.
  • Chronic hepatitis.
  • Interpersonal stress and depression.
  • Heart disease.
  • Cerebral infarction.
  • Hypertension.
  • Diabetes.
  • High cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Disc herniation.
  • History of prostate operations for prostate cancer disease.

Solution for Erectile dysfunction

Around the world, there are so many positive solutions available to cure erectile dysfunction problem. Men can follow any kind of treatment to overcome ED problem.

Drug treatment

This is the most common method to follow for cure ED problem. Most of the men are prefer this type of treatment to quit ED problem from their life because it is a cheap cost treatment and another thing, it is providing a quick result. Buy generic viagra online medicine is supplying energy in men body to achieve an erection without any risk and pain. Men can also play excellent performance without getting any tiredness.

Non-Drug Treatment

Non-drug treatment is very less number of men following around the world, because of its cost expenditure. Another thing, it will take little time to suit in men body for providing the best results. Penile implant and vacuum erection device come under the non-drug treatment for ED problem.

Natural method

The natural method is the best option to cure ED problem, but men must need patient and also following the method in a strict way. Lots of men are not able to follow this method in a proper way. Some men are following this method in the best way to overcome ED problem. Yes, this method takes little time to provide the best results. Follow natural foods such as watermelon, bananas, coffee, spinach, green onions, carrots, cherries, avocados and seafood like salmon and oysters. Red color banana is smoothly encouraged men sexual mood and also boosting erection in a quick way.  Drinking plenty of water regularly, because it provides so many health benefits. Keep the body weight in control. Doing simple exercises such as swimming, running, cycling and play games also supports providing best results. These are all things help a man to achieve an erection in relationship hour without getting any disturbance.


Man those who are facing some other health issues, they must stay away from the medical treatment, because it may be causing some side effects. Avoid taking huge amount of medicine at a time, because it will provide more side effects and also affects body health condition. Those who want to follow medicine treatment; they should consult with health expert and check their body health condition before taking ED curable medicine.

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