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A Complete Guide to Writing Cause and Effect Essays

Students come upon cause and effect essays frequently in their academic studies. This expository essay tests the ability of the student to explore causal relationships between various events. The subject matter for this essay type ranges from disciplines of arts and history to pure sciences. 

If you are unfamiliar with this essay format there is no need to look for outside help and ask from peers and essay writers: “Help write my essay for me.” With only a few tips and strategies you will be able to write one on your own.

You can get done with cause and effect essays easily without putting much effort into it. These essays will only touch the surface of the topic and mention the cause and/or effects that are obvious. However, most high ranking essays mention the obvious in the passing and concentrate on the causes and effects that are not obvious initially and which come up upon in-depth analysis.

Two types of cause and effect essays

Depending on the subject matter and its causal relationships an essay can ask you to write one of these two essays:

  • Cause and effects: Here you will discuss the effects that the event or subject under discussion caused.
  • Causes and effect: Here you will delve into the various causes that lead to an event or conclusion.

Understand the essay prompt

The essay prompt should be stripped down into the various parts and understood. You should focus on the task word and make sure it is hinting or asking for a cause and effect essay. Next, you will pin down the subject matter as well as the limiting parts that narrow the subject down for you.


Essay writer will write down what you know about the subject in the brainstorming sessions, that might be informed of mind mapping or listing. You can use long term brainstorming techniques such as journaling to capture the ideas and epiphanies during your passive thinking stage.

By using mind maps you will focus on developing causal relationships from and to the subject. The mindmap which is in itself a representation of links and relationships will be very beneficial for the essay.


You will see the loopholes and incomplete information in the mindmaps and focus your research on them. You can also add newly found information to the mindmaps and create more links. Your research should eventually make its way to academic papers, articles, and books.

Parts of the essay

The cause and effect essay will follow the traditional essay format of introduction, followed by the body paragraphs and essay conclusion. 


The introduction will start with a statement or a fact that will hook the reader’s attention. This will be followed by a bit of background information about the topic. Lastly, you will present your thesis depending on what will be the focus of your essay: the causes or effects.

Body paragraphs

Each body paragraph will start with the topic sentence that mentions a single cause or effect that the paragraph will discuss. Your writing should be backed by examples, statistics, and facts about the subject. 


The conclusion will sum up the information in the essay connecting the causes/effects to the effect/cause.

Structuring the information. 

The body will be structured according to either chronology of the events, or it can be using a theme where you categorize similar types of information together. It can also be with the most important and salient point first. This way the reader will easily be able to follow the information.

Review and Edit

Write my essay assignment is complete without a review from the writer or a peer. Don’t revise your essay tight after finishing the essay, take a break, and come back to the text with a fresher mind. You will not only correct the structure and writing style of your essay but also the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


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