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What Is The Second Step In Writing An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing where you investigate a topic and prove your stance with the help of evidence, facts and figures.

An argumentative essay should always include the following:

  • A compelling topic that engages the reader
  • All aspects of a topic well explained and covered
  • Addressing counter arguments backed by strong evidence
  • Changing the readers’ perspective and making them adopt the new side of a topic

Moreover, what makes your argumentative essay stand out is a clear, to-the-point thesis statement, strong logical reasoning along relevant evidence backing your perspective. However, writing your essay while keeping all of the points mentioned above, in mind will not be enough. One of the Best Assignment Writing Service UK has, follow a step-by-step procedure in writing a good argumentative essay, thus, essays provided by them are worth A-grade.

Steps to Writing an Argumentative Essay

It’s always good to organize information, list down key points, and bring it all together before writing. Following steps and ensuring you cover them all, keeps you on track and helps you avoid missing an important part.

There’re several steps that assignment writing help services UK – based take, while writing an argumentative essay,

  • Deciding the topic
  • Bringing forward your claim
  • Determining your stance
  • Collecting evidence & explanation

Let’s get into the depth of these steps.

  1. Topic

Well, choosing a topic that interests you is one thing but writing about it, countering all aspects of the respective topic in order to persuade the reader is a whole lot of another thing.

You need to stand firm with your approach by proving your point through concrete evidence. So, pick a topic that has two strong conflicting points. Questions like,

  • Why did a particular thing  take place
  • What was its cause
  • What was its impact
  • What was its significance

Will make your process of choosing a topic easier.

  1. Claim. The Second Step

Develop your claim thoughtfully. Claims are reasons that support your approach to the issue. Thus, these claims should be persuasive, strong, and authentic.

Following are some points that can help you determine if your claim is persuasive enough or not,

  • Whether your claim is true or is there any chances of it occurring or not.
  • How to interpret your claim?
  • The importance of the issue and if it’s really that critical to address it.
  • What’re its causes and effect?
  • What’s its impact and what steps should be taken in order to resolve or eliminate this issue?

This is the most critical stage of writing an argumentative essay as all of your efforts’ result depends on this part of the essay. Constructively invest yourself in developing your claim.

However, if you think your claim is not strong and logically backed by authentic facts, assignment writing help services UK professionals are offering knows the best of the best ways to persuade the audience. Consult their experts and get yours done by them.

  1. A Firm & Logical Stance

The next step is to assess all aspects and approaches taken on the issue. Evaluate all the sides and determine the side you think is the logical one. Look for strong evidence and facts to support your claim.

This is the authenticity of an argumentative essay i.e. in order to persuade the reader you first need to portray the true and raw image of an issue. Discuss all drawbacks and advantages of every angle. What destines a reader to choose a different approach, is your claim and stance, only through them, can an audience be persuaded.

  1. Evidence & Explanation

When assessing a claim, use credible sources to collect evidence and proof.

Points like,        

  • Is your evidence factual?
  • Is it really going to occur?
  • Is the fact authentic and strong enough?
  • What change should be brought by in order to work on the particular issue
  • What will be the impact of the change on the surrounding,

Are going to probably help you a lot in sorting out what evidence to use to back your opinion or stance. Moreover, interviewing an expert in the respective field and using it in your essay would benefit your side and will tilt the audience to your approach.

The Best assignment writing service UK offers, also take this approach to their argumentative essay, so don’t hesitate in ordering one if writing it’s a hectic job for you.

Although, every step is significant in its own way, the second step i.e. developing a claim, is the most essential and game-changing one. Ace your claim, be strong with your point of view, and voila, your argumentative essay is good to go!

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