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How To Memorize Quran In 6 Months

Can you memorize the Quran in six months? Here is the six months Quran memorization strategy you should for this.

Becoming a Hafiz is the goal of everyone. No doubt students do strive a lot to memorize the verses of the Quran. But without having a direction, all these efforts may go in vain. If you know the hacks, you can memorize the Quran within the shortest time. By shortest, I mean even six months. Yes, even six months are enough time to become a Hafiz. But for that, it demands consistent effort, dedication, hard work, and guidance. We are going to share with you the five tips that will help you become a Hafiz within six months. Let’s get started. 

Can You Memorize Quran In Six Months?

First, we should know whether it’s possible to memorize the Quran in six months or not. There are some kids who have memorized the Quran in less than 4 months. Hence, you can become a Hafiz in months. Let me prove to you how. 

People believe that the verses of the Quran are 6,666. But, in fact, there are a total of 6,236 verses in the Quran excluding Bismillah. While there are a total of 6,350 verses in the Quran including Bismillah. As we already know Bismillah, we’re gonna know how to memorize the total of 6,236 verses in the Quran. 

As there are a total of 183 days in six months, we are leaving 13 days for revision in different months. Now you have 170 days to memorize the Quran. Now you should memorize almost 37 verses per day to become a Hafiz in 6 months. 

Let’s have a look at the steps to memorize the Quran in 6 months. 

  1. Keep Your Daily Goals When Memorizing The Quran

Memorizing haphazardly isn’t going to work. You may become a Hafiz when memorizing this way. But when your goal is to memorize the Quran in six months, then you have to be more organized. It’s the best idea to set your daily target when memorizing the Quran. Then stick to the target and don’t go anywhere until you reach this target. For reference, we have told you the target above. 

  1. Keep Revising During Your Routine Chores

If you keep on memorizing new verses, you’re soon going to forget them. That’s where revision proves helpful. The best way to memorize the Quran is to revise it on a daily basis while doing routine chores. In this way, you won’t have to set aside separate time for memorization. If you still set aside some extra time for memorization, that’s the best idea. 

  1. Memorize Quran Online

Though you can go to a mosque to memorize the Quran, there may be some hurdles you feel in it. The first one is that you won’t find it easy to memorize with so many students. Lack of proper attention from the teacher also will make it difficult for you to memorize the Quran. That’s why you should memorize Quran online. By paying as low as $35 per month, you can memorize the Quran online. 

  1. Memorize Early In The Morning

If you want to know how to memorize the Quran quickly, memorize it in the morning. Early morning, you have a fresh mind. You have a fresh mind. It makes it easier for you to memorize the Quran. Give some time to the Quran memorization after your Fajr prayer. 

  1. Sit In A Tranquil Place

Quran memorization requires an absolute distraction-free environment. You can’t Hifz Quran in a noisy environment. That’s why you should sit in a peaceful place when memorizing the verses of the Quran. 


Memorizing the Quran in six is indeed a difficult task. Yet, it’s not impossible. As mentioned earlier, people have done it before. With proper strategy, you can become a Hafiz in six months. In this post, we shared with you the strategy to memorize the Quran in six months as well as some tips that help in the Quran memorization.


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