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Learn Quran online with Tajweed for kids and adults. The online Quran classes are with male and female Quran teachers from Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan. You can learn the Qaidah, Memorization, Qirat and Ijazah.

Title: Take Online Quran Courses to Expand Your Knowledge (And Why Learning Online Really Works)

If you want to learn Quran, then you know that the traditional route of learning is not for everyone. Learning through a traditional classroom setting can be time consuming, expensive—or simply not attainable if you have a busy schedule or live in a location that does not allow you to easily attend a traditional classroom locale. Thankfully, the internet has allowed us to develop new and exciting ways to teach, learn and understand a variety of subjects, including the Quran. You can learn Quran online with our unique online Quran courses that cover a wide range of topics, academic levels, and personalized learning traits that mean anyone—young, old and in between—can learn from. If you are new to the concept of online Quran classes, read on to discover more about how these classes work, why they are beneficial to studies of multiple age and academic ranges, and what type of courses we offer at our online Quran academy.

How Do Our Online Quran Classes Work?

First, let’s talk about how our online Quran lessons work. Our unique style of online teaching is perfect for anyone who learns best with individual attention, as our teachers operate using Skype or Zoom. This allows teachers to instruct you as a student both through their voice and through a video screen. Our teachers will be able to show you various pages and other relevant material using the screen, which you can then read or work on, depending on the material, course and assignment you are currently covering.

One of the great aspects of this type of online Quran academy is that you can completely customize your learning experience. You can create a custom schedule that determines the number of classes you take, the number of days you take classes, the time the classes are set-up, your preferred language, whether or not you would prefer a male or female teacher, and other important factors that will impact your educational experience with the Quran.

Unlike a traditional course, an online course where you learn Quran allows you and your teacher to create a personalized teaching plan that focuses on your core strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to cover material more in-depth and ask more questions and receive more assistance than you ever would as a single student in a classroom of twenty, thirty or more students being taught by a single teacher at once.

Why Taking Online Quran Lessons Is Better For Your Education

There are many benefits to choosing to memorize Quran online over taking a traditional course or traditional courses on the Quran. These benefits range from practical benefits to academic and everything in between.

One benefit you will notice straightaway is the benefit of being able to schedule classes according to your personal needs. If you work certain hours, you can make sure to choose a schedule with classes outside your working hours so you never have to miss a lesson. If you are currently enrolled in school or you intend for your children to take the online courses, you can make sure to choose a schedule that doesn’t clash with their regular schooling. If you would prefer to take classes in the morning, afternoon or evening simply due to personal preference--you can schedule your classes to accommodate that scheduling. Whatever your personal needs, an online class can be made to fit around them.

Another benefit of taking an online course is that you will be able to cover the material in a much more in-depth way than you would otherwise. In a traditional class, the teacher will not be able to stop everything just in case one student falls behind. With an online class, you will be working individually with a teacher who can focus all of their attention on you. This highly detailed, personalized method of teaching makes for much more thorough and long-lasting learning, no matter if you are an adult learner or a young student.

One benefit of online schooling that is rarely discussed is the ability for online courses to instill greater personal responsibility and accountability in students. When you learn online, you are essentially taking the figurative reins of your education and accepting responsibility for showing up to your online classes, doing the online coursework, and seeing your online lessons through to the end. There will be no peer pressure from other students in the room or, in case of younger students, no mom or dad or school bus dropping you off every morning. You will be responsible for logging on and doing the work, instilling a greater sense of responsibility, which can benefit you no matter how old you are or what stage of learning you are at in your life.

Are There Online Quran Classes For Kids?

Yes, there are online Quran classes for kids! If you are a young student who is beginning to learn the Quran, you don’t have to file into a classroom with 30 other students and hope that you can keep up with the teacher; or try to fit in traditional classroom lessons with your regular schoolwork, after school job and other obligations. An online course will allow you to get personalized instruction and education at a time which is convienent to you and your schedule.

Parents—having your children take online classes benefits you, too! You won’t have to worry about shuttling them back and forth to a school for lessons, and you can ensure that they are taking their schooling seriously as they complete their work on a laptop at home. Best of all, since taking online courses helps improve responsibility and personal accountability, you will be allowing them to engage in valuable character building that is impossible to put a price on.

Our Online Quran Courses

We offer a wide selection of courses that will suit the needs of any student or person interested in learning, whether they are a young child who is just beginning their instruction or an adult who is hoping to continue their studies. The following is a complete list of our courses along with a basic description of what each course offers. Please review this guide carefully when you are thinking about what courses are the best to take for your current educational needs.

Basic Tajweed/Noraani Qaidah


This is the most popular and well-known course that is ideal for children as well as adult beginners who are just now beginning their instructional journey. The lessons in this course include alphabets as well as compound letters. The goal of this particular course is to help you begin to become familiar with reading the words as well as smaller verses once you are familiar with the necessary alphabets. By the end of this course, you will be able to read sufficiently enough to continue on with other lessons if desired.

Quran Reading with Tajweed

This course can be taken after the basic course—or if you have already completed a similar course and can already read without needing to take our basic course. We will perform an evaluation to make sure that you can meet the basic precursor requirements of this course before lessons begin. In this course, you will be instructed with the rules of Tajweed; you will hear verses from teachers, and then you will need to read that same verse with Tajweed and discuss how the rules apply to the verse being discussed in the lesson. This course is done at your pace, which is ideal for people who are at a beginner level and want to continue their studies to something more intermediate.

Memorize the Holy Quran.

This extensive course is designed for memorization of the Quran. This course is designed for students who already know how to recite with Tajweed; student who take this course are expected to have already finished the basic reading courses, and we may do an evaluation to ensure that students meet the minimum standards before taking this course.

This is an extensive course whose length will vary depending on the student’s ability to memorize, how  many classes they take per week, and many other factors. Students will need to dedicate themselves to personal study outside the online classroom time in order to achieve the goal of memorizing the Quran.

This course focuses on 3 core elements of memorizing: new memorization, revision of newly memorized material, and old review.

The new memorization portion of the course is the portion of the course for newly memorizing lines. Students will typically be required to memorize 7 to 9 lines, or a small Surah, every day. Teachers will ensure that no mistakes are made prior to the memorization.

The revision of newly memorized material portion of the course is the portion of the course where the student and teacher will revise, recite and rememorize portions of material back and forth in class. This is key for establishing long-term memory.

Finally, the old review portion of the class is the portion of the course where students will be expected to recite older review material every day. The old review portion is divided into sections so that different material can be covered every day.

Ijazah Course.

This course is a Quran course taught with Ijazah for Tajweed and memorization. This course is designed for students who already excel in Tajweed and Memorization. We may run an evaluation for this course prior to its beginning in order to ensure that students meet the minimum standards expected for the course. The goal of this course is to obtain a certification through reciting to a higher teacher. Ew offer both male and female teachers for this Ijazah course.

Ten Qirat

We now offer a Ten Qirat course based on the teachings of Egyptian Qaris. Our Egyptian Qaris will be able to teach students the recitation, ways and manners of the Quran. This is a specialized course that is rarely taught elsewhere.

Our Fees

We strive to provide reasonable fees that are affordable considering the amount of personalized instruction that our teachers offer, as well as their expert knowledge that ensures every student is getting a detailed education on par with that from any traditional school.

Our fees are based on the amount of time you spend at your lessons. Our fees are the same for every course, so you won't be charged more whether you are taking a beginner lesson or an advanced lesson. Our current fees are $8.00 per hour for USD or £5.5 per hour in GBP. Our fees are charged on a monthly basis, which is invoiced out at the beginning of the month. Fees must be paid in advance. Holidays are considered paid leave, so we do not alter the fees even if classes are not held due to holidays, and we do not offer make up classes for courses that fall on holidays.

The following is a breakdown of our current fee plans:

  • Plan 1: 30 minute classes, 3 classes per week (12 classes per month): $48/£38 per month
  • Plan 2: 30 minute classes, 4 classes per week (16 classes per month): $64/£44 per month
  • Plan 3: 30 minute classes, 5 classes per week (20 classes per month): $75/£50 per month
  • Plan 4: 60 minute classes, 5 classes per week (20 classes per month): $140/£105 per month

Learn Quran Online Today

If you are ready to begin your studies in the Quran, then you don’t need to wait any longer. Our online classes are perfect for learners of all ages, whether you are an adult or a young student. The wide variety of courses we offer mean that you can benefit no matter what your instructional and academic level, from beginners all the way to those who are interested in learning more advanced components of the Quran and other essential knowledge.

If you are ready to begin your journey, take a look at our many courses and contact us today. If you have any questions or queries regarding our courses, our academy or anything else that comes to mind, please do not hesitate to contact us with your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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