A Detailed Guide to Steel Doors

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Every part of the construction process is important and requires great detail and thought. Doors are an important part of construction too. While it goes without saying that doors are essential for every house and office, they are not given the kind of attention they deserve. Doors either dismissed as an ornamental thing or just a finishing task which is resolved by the end of every construction. But if one installs wrong doors, then they are not only putting the security of their house/office at risk but are also posing an additional financial burden that emerges in the long run. Therefore one must select their doors after careful consideration. 


The market of door construction has expanded in recent years, and today one can get the gates and doors made in pretty much all kinds of construction material. There are pre-made doors as well as customized doors available in the market today. A large section of this market caters to and manufactures steel doors that are increasingly becoming popular over traditional wooden doors. 


Many designs and formats of steel doors


Steel doors are today coming in many designs and looks. If you want the strength of metal but look of wood, then one can purchase doors that have wooden inlays and finish. There is a great variety of texture and finish available when it comes to steel gates. 

One can get slider doors and folding doors in steel structure too. This is something that was not available in the market place a few years ago. 


Combination of steel with other materials is also highly popular. Some of the most popular combinations are steel and glass. Steel and glass doors are usually made or inner doors while wood and steel are used for front doors and fates. 




Benefits of steel doors over wooden doors:


  • They are weatherproof: Unlike wooden doors that swell and sometimes shrink in response to weather conditions such as humidity and dryness, the steel doors do not react to the weather. Yes, they might get rusty when exposed to water but that rustiness can be easily tackled with a coat of paint. Overall, steel is a better material to use for making doors as it is compatible with most environments and does not react to weather changes. This material requires little or no maintenance and it can still stay intact for years. To prevent rusting, stainless steel doors are the best choice. 


  • Steel gates are insect-proof: Termites and other bugs are one of the main reasons why doors get damaged. Termites easily attack wooden doors when left unattended but steel doors are essentially bug proof. This makes them highly low maintenance. There are no hollow knocks, damaged areas, or shredding with steel gates. Your house or office remains to be termite-proof and secure with steel gates. With steel gates, one is spared the trouble of termite proofing or bug-proofing their doors every year. 


  • There is ease of installing and detaching: Wooden doors require the assistance of carpenters and can take hours to get installed, but with steel doors, the installation process is easy. Many of the steel door manufacturers in India have made special doors that follow the DIY model and can be installed easily by individuals without any outside assistance. With their sturdiness and lightweight, steel gates become a good option for compact and speedy installation. Many DIY brands are also including steel doors in their modern home product range to appeal to a larger urban growing audience that does not have time to entertain carpenters for door installations. 


  • Steel is relatively more fire-resistant than other materialPerhaps the biggest selling point of steel doors is that they are highly fire-resistant. It practically requires a furnace to bring them down. According to experts and many verified steel door manufacturers in Delhi, good quality steel doors can offer up to two hours of evacuation time in case of a large fire. Wooden doors collapse under fire within a few minutes and sometimes even catch fire easily. Hence it is better to invest in a fire-resistant material for your doors to keep your home, office, or warehouse protected from fire outbreaks. 


  • They are eco-friendly: Steel doors are immensely eco-friendly. Even though they are made of metal, the thing with steel is can be easily recycled. There are many Stainless Steel door Manufacturers in Delhi who upcycle steel products and make new products out of them. Even steel that has been tinged with rust can be reused in a myriad of ways. Every year there are thousands of trees cut to aid the construction of wooden doors, but with metal, this is not the case. Steel doors have very high rates of energy efficiency as well. Many brands maintain sustainability by using recycled metals. These factors make steel doors an eco-friendly alternative to wooden doors.


  • They are sturdy: If security is the main concern while selecting doors than one should pick steel as a material because they are highly strong and secure, particularly in comparison with other material. The latest models of steel doors also come in a design that is compatible with home security systems and have specialized structures that hold security alarms, fire alarms, and camera holders. This combination of strength and technical advancement adds to a great appeal of steel doors.  


  • They are cost-efficient: While at the onset, one might not feel any price difference between steel doors and doors that are made of other material but in the long run steel doors prove out to be the most cost-efficient. Since they need low maintenance (except pain retouches and occasional oiling) they are energy efficient and don’t change their structure because of weather conditions or bugs, steel doors stay intact and require no upkeep which eventually adds up as cost-efficiency. At the same time, wooden doors require regular maintenance and upkeep that eventually makes them more expensive. 
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