Pioneers in stainless steel production

Stainless steel is among the top 10 most used materials in the world. It is used on many occasions ranging from the building of buildings, bridges, automobiles, and even in the culinary world. Stainless steel is among those metals that may be used easily and is suitable for a lot of industries.

Some notable attributes of stainless steel

It has been established that stainless steel is highly favoured by manufacturers and builders all over the world. You may wonder what is so exceedingly special about the metal alloy. Let us see what some of the most important attributes of stainless steel that have made it accepted and cherished by so many manufacturers and industry specialists are.

  1. High and low-temperature resistance

The metal alloy has the capability to survive through extreme temperatures (both extreme hot and extreme cold). It manages to adjust its temperature in accordance with the environmental temperature. This helps manufacturers use it in various products right from automobiles and refrigerators to even storing liquid helium ( temperature of liquid helium is -290 degree Celcius).


  1. Ease of fabrication

This property of stainless steel refers to the ability of stainless steel, which enables it to be easily moulded into any shape and size depending upon the requirement of the manufacturer and the product being produced. This can also be termed as high malleability of the metal alloy.


  1. Aesthetic appeal

Stainless steel is extremely appealing to the eye; in a sense, it looks beautiful and appropriate when used to make either a finished product or even used a part of bigger machinery. The metal alloy has a natural sheen to it, along with its smooth finish.


  1. Ease of cleaning

Stainless steel can be cleaned easily, and it leaves no stain behind. This further means that the metal alloy is also extremely hygienic. The metal alloy ensures no stain or the germs causing the stain is left behind while it is cleaned.


  1. Long life and recyclable

The metal alloy is extremely durable. It sustains for a very long period of time without getting spoilt or corroded. It is also 100% recyclable, i.e., and it can be recycled to be used again in a different form for different reasons in various other places. This makes it a sustainable choice for manufacturers as well.


  1. Corrosion resistance

Stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance ability. The metal alloy does not get rusted or corroded by natural elements very easily. It can resist these forces of nature for a longer period of time than most other metals. This resistance to corrosion makes it more favoured than other metals in the long run since it ultimately always becomes the more efficient and economical option for the consumers.

It has been seen and understood now that this metal alloy has a lot of uses in various forms in different industries. In this article, we will now see the uses of a particular firm of stainless steel – stainless steel pipes.

What are stainless steel pipes, and where are they used?

Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes that are used for a plethora of purposes. Since stainless steel as a material has the ability to bear heavy weights and stay intact in shape, they are used as a medium to transport water and fuel all through towns through underground tunneling system. They're also utilized in construction to act as an outer covering or a protective layer for electric wires. While steel products are usually strong and heavy, they also can be produced as light-weight pipes. This makes it a perfect idea to use them in building bicycle frames. Some of the other appliances where they find the utility is in heating & plumbing systems,refrigeration units,  flagpoles, automobiles, street lights, and medicine.

As in the case of any product, there will always be a group of brands that are pioneers in the industry who will be the best in producing the said product (here, stainless steel). Let us now see the best brands in the production of stainless steel production in India.

Best stainless steel companies in India

  1. Metallica

‘Metallica metals’ has established itself as a trustworthy brand and is recognized as the best group of companies in the stainless steel industry with respect to India. It has often been referred to as the best stainless steel company in India. The firm was founded and started in 1975 by three friends - Mr.Babulal Mehta, Mr.Jugal Mehta and Mr.Vallabhchand Mehta. They have been and will continue to be the motivation behind the success of the firm which has been regularly showing exponential growth. Their quality and dedication are evident from their growth which can be traced through their 3 decades in the market. They have been devoted to providing “Quality with low-cost production.”

Metallica Metals is dedicated to offering an immense range of stainless steel Pipes and Tubes as a producer, exporter, stockiest, and provider to their domestic and global clients. Best known for the considerable combination of productivity and usefulness, these stainless steel Pipes and Tubes are utilized comprehensively for a couple of clients.


  1. Metline Industries

The companyMetline industries are among the leading stainless steel pipe manufacturers in Banglore. The company supplies stainless steel pipes to major industrial clients in and around the nation. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It has export operations to Europe, other Asian countries, Africa, etc. Committed to providing high-quality steel pipes, the company has clients across different sectors, ranging from nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical plants, oil refineries, etc.

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  1. Prabhat Metal Industries:

Established in the year 2016, Prabhat Metal Industries has been explicit about the quality standards that it maintains. It strives to match world quality levels when it comes to the production of stainless steel pipes. The firm supplies stainless steel pipes to various other industrial clients in Delhi. The pipes manufactured by the firm are mainly for carrying steam and water. It is among the top stainless steel pipe manufacturers in Delhi.


From the article, I am sure you would understand the role, importance and the unique attributes of stainless steel as a metal alloy. It is also a fact that most stainless steel manufacturing firms only produced pipes mainly. The stainless steel pipe is a very exciting product, in the sense that stainless steel produced by them is used by all across differed bodies of manufacturing. This article also talks about the three top stainless steel producers.

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