Field Employee Tracking App

Advantages Of Field Employee Tracking App

Before the internet, running a business was not easy. The process involved a lot of paperwork and, most importantly, your physical presence at the place of work to monitor your business effectively. That explains why doing business was not so productive at the time. Some of the challenges they had to face include

  • Overlapping tasks
  • Inaccurate data reports due to human errors
  • Slowed communications
  • Long business processes
  • The high cost of production
  • Repetitive tasks 
  • Work overload
  • Fatigue and among others

In general, traditional business was tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient as a result.

Lucky for you, this is no longer the situation thanks to the internet revolution and technological advancements. Today, running a business is much faster, convenient, and much less complicated than ever before. With just an app, a good internet connection, and an internet device such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, you can successfully manage most of your business. The beauty of it is that you can do it from anywhere and at any time.

If you want to monitor your employees, you don’t have to be anywhere near them to know what they do. All you need is a field employee tracking app, and you good to go. With it, you get the freedom to attend to other things away from work and still manage your business. And that’s not the only advantage you get.

In this article, you will discover the benefits of having an employee tracking app and more. Read on to the end to find out.


Below are the key benefits of an employee tracking software

Attendance and Location Tracking

field employee tracking app allows you to keep track of your employees’ whereabouts, as well as their work attendance. You get to know the exact time each employee gets into the office, when they leave and how many hours they work overtime if they do. Such information will come in handy during remuneration to ensure that you pay each employee fairly according to their effort. It will also help you eliminate absenteeism from work and identify who your committed employees are from the rest.

Effective Roster Planning and Task Management

An employee tracking app tells you more than your employees’ location but also their availability. That will help you when scheduling your meetings with your employees to avoid unnecessary delays and procrastination of your work.

Since you can monitor all your employees’ activities, a daily sales report app will also help you manage tasks and provide solutions where necessary in real-time. Ultimately, it will ensure effective management of time in your business.

Types of Field Employee Tracking Software

There are several different types of employee tracking apps depending on the purpose. These are

  • Location
  • Email
  • Safety
  • Project management
  • Direct monitoring

Examples of the Best Employee Tracking Apps in 2021

  • TimeCamp
  • Twib
  • Hubstaff
  • GeoPro
  • Tsheets
  • Clockify
  • Vacation tracker
  • Domo


Now you know why you should consider having a PPMS employee attendance app for your business. It’s one of the smartest moves you can make to succeed.

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