Anti Hail Net

Advantages to Using Anti Hail Net

At very high altitudes, the temperature is very low, so condensation of the vapor into small droplets occurs. These droplets turn into ice, coming into contact with other particles that act as condensation nuclei.

To protect vegetable crops and fruit trees from hail, the best solution is the Anti Hail Net. These are special nets for agriculture, built with very resistant materials. They have textures with small holes that do not let hailstones pass. In specialized plants, such as a large vineyard, they have impressive support structures. Furthermore, the costs of the nets are high but justified by the great final value of the crop they protect.

In the field of small vegetable gardens and orchards, on the other hand, the costs are more accessible since the measures of the networks are more reduced.

How Hail is Formed?

Hail is one of the most severe weather adversities of our time. It is formed by small pieces of ice that originate in massive masses of cumulus clouds, otherwise known as cumulonimbus clouds. Unlike snow, which benefits soils, it is a natural phenomenon that is very harmful to agriculture.

Its formation is caused by upward motions that carry hot and humid air at altitudes equal to or greater than 8-10 km from the ground. Strong hailstorms occur mainly in summer when there is a greater presence of strong and sudden updrafts full of humidity. At very high altitudes, the temperature is very low, so condensation of the vapor into small droplets occurs. These droplets turn into ice, coming into contact with other particles that act as condensation nuclei.

Benefits of Using the Anti Hail Nets

There are many advantages to using an Anti Hail Net, but they are described below.

  • First of all, these Anti Hail Net act as an effective barrier against hail and birds.
  • The Anti Hail Net is UV treated and has a long service life and longevity outdoors.
  • The net is anti-sulfur and anti-chlorine
  • Anti Hail Net features a leno weave for a tighter tie.

Hangar For Aircraft

Hangar for aircraft is the building shelter for the installation and maintenance of aircraft, such as; flight hangers, helicopter hangers, or other aviation equipment for parking umbrellas.

Hangar for aircraft can provide a durable turnkey option that can be moved or expanded quickly and easily. Due to their modular design and fast installation time, these structures are ideal for covering aircraft that require parking, storage, and maintenance, especially where space is limited or absent from the hangar. 

Different Types of Aircraft Hangar Door Design

Now that we have a clear idea about the Hangar for aircraft, it is important to create a high-quality door, and there are many options.

1. Sliding Door For A Hanger

If you need to open the entire width of the cabin, use a stabilizer. The stabilizer allows you to extend the bracket to exceed the width of the brackets. If you do not need the full width of the hook, you can push the door along the edge to one side or divide it into two sides.

The main advantage of sliding doors for Hangar for aircraft is their economic efficiency. They are easy to use and often inexpensive to build and install.

2. Horizontal Folding Door

These doors are designed to fold from the floor to the room. These doors can be electric or counterbalanced for easy lifting. The hydraulic system can be attached to the door of a large aircraft. There Hangar for aircraft with horizontal folding doors offers the following advantages. Aircraft hangar cost is pocket friendly

  • They open very quickly.
  • Efficient space utilization. You can have a full-width opening without extruding the width of the housing.
  • It can be used when limited space is an issue.
  • Due to its design, it is a little more expensive than a sliding door.

3. Vertically Foldable Door

These folding doors are stacked on the sides. Push the door aside with your hand instead of lifting it. They use space very efficiently by giving access to the full width of the house without pushing it out of the width of the house.

If space is important, this is another good option. Like a horizontal folding door, it is slightly more expensive than a sliding door.

4. Vertical Elevator Door For The Elevator

The door to the vertical elevator is the door that goes up to the roof of the cabin. They look like horizontal folding doors, but there are no "folding" doors.

Like a folding door, it can be moved electrically to make it easier to use. Their main advantage is a very fast opening and efficient use of space.

They provide the same full-width opening without extruding the width of the cabin and are ideal when space is important.

It is also slightly more expensive than sliding doors and less popular than horizontal folding doors.

5. Canvas Door

Canvas doors for Hangar for aircraft are an advanced door option and are ideal for large commercial spaces with large openings. If you need a large, transparent opening and do not want to move a large steel door, consider installing a canvas door.

These are light, functional, and robust alternatives to traditional steel brackets. They can be rolled up very quickly and are also weather resistant.

However, this is a premium option, so the price should be a little higher than the other options.



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