The Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Worktops

Slate worktops are slowly becoming popular among homeowners in the UK and for good reasons. However, not everything is 100% great. Explore the numerous advantages and disadvantages of slate worktops.

Every home in the modern era is installing slate worktops because of their several beneficial factors. They are pleasant to look at, provide excellent durability and the non-porous surface texture makes it a more relaxed affair to clean. Also, they also have lesser maintenance cost than concrete, marble or any other worktop.

What is Slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock that fine-grained that undergoes metamorphosis for millions of years to form layers. The overall quality of the stone is delicate and porous such that it is ground and polished to give it that ideal worktop nature. Due to its durability and high heat absorption nature, using it in the kitchen and bathrooms is highly feasible.

In and around the house, these countertops can be used for various uses. They are used in kitchens, bathrooms, sinks, and backsplashes as well. But not everything is well and good with slate worktops. All of the advantages and disadvantages are enlisted below. Hence, you can make your decision whether or not to go with the worktop or choose something else for your house improvement project. Take a look.

Advantages of Slate Worktops

  • Slates are quite handsome and the appearance that its portraits are unique as well. The subtle factor of color shifting is less prominent in slate when compared to marble or granite. Thus, if you are looking for a uniform kitchen, then slate countertops are the ones for you.
  • The colors are unique, indeed. You can choose from brown, black, charcoal: Grey, pewter and much more. Even highlights of red, blue and green can be found in these worktops. While the differences might not be that evident, the overall finish and the feel of these worktops are unique and distinct from its counterparts.
  • The non-porous feature ass discussed earlier is what sets slate apart from concrete, marble, and granite. Harboring bacteria is a tough challenge on slate and clean up thoroughly, leaving no speck of dust behind. Since the juices of fruits and vegetables can't penetrate slate, it can be cleaned off easily, and also the stains aren't present even after you a spillage on them.
  • Usage of slate in the kitchen and bathroom can prove to be compelling. Its durability and hardness it the edge over others in making its usage prominent. Scratching, chipping is relatively harder on slate than compared to others. Heat absorption is quite impressive, indeed. Thus, leaving a burn mark on the slab is an impossible task, indeed.
  • Last but not least, the major selling point or the advantage of using a slate is that it's affordable as well. It costs lesser than quartz or crushed glass countertops. They range from anywhere from $50-$65 dollars per square foot.

Disadvantages of Slate Worktops

  • While looking at the plethora of advantages, it sports, slate sure does have its few downfalls or disadvantages. The corners of these worktops might be sharp and at times break off, leaving a nasty look. Many installers that assist in installing the worktops round off the edges such that it can be safe and not cause it to chip off.
  • Often, the colors that you get out of slate is quite subdued. Such that it's harder for colors to shine or reflect any light off it. Thus, it would be a better option to choose something else for your worktop if you require a reflective worktop to give the area where you might use it a unique look.

Thus, to summarize things, slate is one of the best materials that you can use on your worktops. It provides excellent usability features. All of the above-given advantages and disadvantages are based on practicality and intense usage.

But then if you are still confused and are seeking other options to see what might suit the place where you would like to install a worktop, consult any of the slate providers or worktop providers to see what they have to say. Therefore, do your research well, explore the best product reviews and see what suits your liking. All the best.

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