Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks - Advantages and Factors to Consider While Selecting Them

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The wall right behind your kitchen cooktop or the sink is always exposed to different kinds of stains, grease accumulation, moisture, and other types of mess while cooking. No matter how many precautions you take while cooking, but some stains of oil or food splatters are going to create mess on the wall behind the cooktop. The best way to protect that area is by installing kitchen splashbacks. Splashback are protective covering installed behind the cooktop, sink or benchtop to protect the walls or tiles from all sorts of oils, stains and moisture near your cooking area. This is the best appropriate and feasible method to protect walls around cooking area. 

There are many different options in splashbacks, the most commonly being glass kitchen splashbacks and tile splashbacks. Both of them create different style and offer different functional features. Here we will discuss all about glass splashbacks – their benefits and what factors to consider while choosing best glass kitchen splashbacks for your kitchen

Glass kitchen splashbacks are made from glass panels with no joints in between and are installed on the wall behind your kitchen worktop. They enhance the visual appeal of kitchen while offering functional benefits at the same time. 

Advantages of Glass Splashbacks for the Kitchen 


The glass kitchen splashbacks offer several advantages and that’s why they have become quite famous in the recent years. 

#1. Great Look: Glass kitchen splashbacks create a sophisticated and modern look in any part of your kitchen. You can use it only around the cooking area or in whole kitchen as per your requirement. But wherever you install them they definitely enhance the visual beauty of that area giving a perfect modern look and style. 

#2. Brightens Your Kitchen: If your kitchen is small then installing glass kitchen splashbacks is the perfect idea. Glass reflects light creating a brighter atmosphere and also makes the area look larger, whereas installing the tiles can make it look darker and dull. 

#3. Easy to Maintain: Glass kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain Even if there is a food splatter or thick greasy stains on the glass surface, you can easily wipe off the stain using a cloth or a glass cleaning solution. 

#4. No Mould Growth: Glass kitchen splashbacks don’t provide that perfect environment to fungi and mould to thrive upon, as they don’t have joints or crevices on their surface. So technically speaking they are ideal in keeping the cooking area neat and clean. 

#5. Availableinmultiple Colors: The glass kitchen splashbacks are available in different colors that helps you to decorate your kitchen according to your taste and style. If you want a dark look, you can install black glass splashbacks. For a lighter tone, natural white glasses will be the best option. 

#6. Adaptable with Different Kitchen Interiors: The last but not the least advantage is that glass kitchen splashbacks can adapt to any kind of kitchen design or interior, and hence there will be no need for remodeling the place from scratch.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Splashbacks 


While selecting the appropriate splashbacks you cannot just walk into a store and buy the first glass kitchen splashback that you see. Before finalizing the one, there are certain factors that you need to consider. So, let’s find out what you need to keep in mind before your final decision! 

  • Buy the splashback panels with a warranty period of at least seven to eight years. This will save your expenses in the long run.
  • Look for the design that will require low maintenance. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary maintenance services in the future.
  • Consider the color of the glass material as per the chrome palette of your kitchen.
  • Order the correct size splashback after taking appropriate measurements of the wall behind the kitchen countertop.
  • Always check the quality of the material before placing the final order. Low quality glasses won’t last long and won’t be able to protect the walls properly.



There are various dealers in Australia who offer high quality glass kitchen splashbacks. Now since you are familiar with the advantages of this kitchen equipment and also factors to consider while choosing the right one, we hope that now you can order the perfect splashback without any hassle. 

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