We review the five key features of LG 2018 OLED TVs. LG models offer great image and sound quality, as well as real AI.

Did you know that not all OLED TVs are the same? Although they use the same type of panels, there may be large differences between OLED TVs from different manufacturers. When buying a new TV, we must bear in mind that only LG manufactures panels with OLED technology. This has led them to be the option chosen by the vast majority of users who opt for OLED TVs as their best option.

LG has been selling TV price in Bangladesh for more than 3 years. This technology has nothing to do with LED technology. Use an organic system to achieve pure black and infinite contrast. Nothing to do with televisions that use side or rear lighting. According to data from a neuronal study conducted by the Complutense University, OLED televisions increase sensory perception by 33% compared to television with Quantum Dot technology. We will know the 5 key advantages of LG 2018 OLED TVs.


LG OLED TVs include a real Artificial Intelligence system. What does this mean exactly? That has nothing to do with the usual voice commands or voice control offered by other manufacturers. The AI ​​of LG OLED TVs is much more developed.

The Artificial Intelligence system of LG OLED TVs allows us to easily access the content and services offered by the TV. We can do basic operations with the TV, such as changing input or image settings, to know the weather forecast for our holiday destination.

We can also schedule schedules and tell you to turn off when the program we are watching ends. Of course, we can also search for content by voice and turn on devices connected by HDMI to the TV.

And not only that, but artificial intelligence is also able to give us information about what we are seeing. Do you want to know what the actor's name in the movie is called? What other movies does it come out in? Who is the director of the movie you're watching? All this and much more you can ask your TV.

In addition, LG OLED TVs are ready to communicate with other smart products. We can use the TV to ask your refrigerator to make more ice, to control the temperature of the room or to turn off the lights. And every time we can do more things, since the AI ​​system of LG OLED TVs is compatible with open platforms such as Google assistant, so it will be able to continue evolving with new improvements.


Five key advantages of LG OLED TVs 2018 processor

One of the great novelties of LG OLED TVs for 2018 is the new Alpha 9 processor. It is a 14-bit processor that analyzes and improves each image of each frame to get more precise images and richer colours.

It has a LUT 33x33x33 colour table and performs  Quad-Step processing to reduce noise twice as much as conventional televisions. In addition, it is equipped with a sharpness enhancer, which improves details and texture by accentuating the edges of the image object.

The Alpha 9 is capable of processing images with a higher refresh rate, HFR images at 120 FPS (frames per second). That is, it is prepared for future emissions at high speeds.

If we combine the power of this new image processor and OLED technology, we have televisions capable of covering 100% of the DCIP3 colour space. In addition, LG OLED TVs are 1,000 times faster-creating images. This avoids annoying traces by following objects with rapid movements.


Five key advantages of LG 2018 HDR OLED TVs

HDR is the future (and present) of image quality. Although the vast majority of current TVs are compatible with the reproduction of HDR images, not all televisions reproduce them the same.

The OLED LG TVs are compatible with virtually all HDR systems market. This includes Dolby Vision, the dynamic metadata system used by such important platforms as Netflix and that is already being included in some Blu-Ray 4K discs.

In addition to Dolby Vision, LG OLEDs are capable of reading the HDR10, Technicolor, HLG, and HDR Converter formats. All of them will be reproduced with the best possible image quality.

Five key advantages of LG OLED TVs 2018 Dolby Atmos

LG's association with Dolby goes beyond Dolby Vision. LG OLED TVs feature Dolby Atmos sound, thus complementing the great image quality with top-notch sound.

This system offers a 360º audiovisual experience. The Dolby Atmos system analyzes the sound of each object and positions it in both the horizontal surround and the vertical plane, thanks to the projection speakers. The listener will enjoy superior audio quality, hearing each of the nuances in a different place in the room, as if he were in the cinema.


The LG Smart TV system, webOS, reaches its version 4 on this year's OLED TVs. The new version is just as easy to use but includes some interesting news. Like the ThinQ system, which gives the TV the commented Artificial Intelligence.

Five key advantages of LG OLED TVs 2018 gallery mode

In addition, webOS 4.0 is UL certified, cyber-security experts. This ensures that our data is safe since the TV's Smart TV systems are also vulnerable to hackers.

The system offers total customization and the ability to order installed apps and download more applications from the app store. In addition, this year the new Gallery Mode has been included, with which we can turn our television into a work of art.

All controlled with the magnificent Magic Remote. This shows us a pointer on the screen to make the operation of the TV even easier. It works by Bluetooth and has a series of shortcuts that allow access to the most common applications.

In short, if you plan to purchase an OLED TV this year, you should take a look at LG smart tv price in Bangladesh. They have impressive image quality, good sound, real artificial intelligence, a very powerful processor compatible with all HDR formats and one of the best Smart TV systems on the market.

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