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Five types of tasty Sevs that will Leave you With a Tasteful Experience

The list of some of the tastiest sevs is really big. In this article, we have included the top-rated five types of sevs. We at Indore Online- https://www.indore.online/ offer a range of snacks, including ratlami sev online. You can buy ratlami sev online from our website.

In India, we are fond of tasty, spicy food items. We have a strong fondness for spiced-up savoury food. Many of us cannot pass a day without munching on at least one pack of fried or baked snack.

Some of us even need a pack of spicy snacks, along with meals. As a result, we have a wide assortment of namkeen snacks. Our supermarkets have separate compartments of such namkeen snacks altogether.

Sevs, in particular, are highly enjoyed and are available in a big array in the market or grocery stores.

Although the sev namkeens originated in Indoor, they have made their way to general consumptions for everyone throughout the country. With the high preference for sev, there emerged several types of sevs that increased people’s demands even further instead of meeting them.

What makes sevs the choicest range of packaged eatables is their long shelf lives and crispiness. Besides, some sevs are added with spices that make them even more enjoyable than the regular, unspiced sevs.

Here are some of the most preferred types of sevs you can try for a mouth-watering experience.

1 - Ratlami Sev

When it comes to trying the spiciest type of sev, the ratlami sev namkeen is the most sought-after. It is made with gram chickpea flour, pepper, clove and several other spices. It carries the sign of speciality of Indoor.

Due to its load of spiciness and unique taste, the ratlami sev online purchase is the first choice for people who love spicy food products.

Its adequate thickness is also highly preferred by some people.

2 - Ujjainisev

Although not spicy at all the Ujjainisev is not that bland and fits well in the preparation of a variety of food items. You can put the ujjainisev on sandwiches, rava upma, dahipuri, bhelpuri and a lot more.

Besides, many people like eating the Ujjainisev on its own. Its crispiness and intrinsic taste make it a very preferred snack during tea time.

3 - Laungsev

With the extra load of clove (laung), the laungsev is another highly preferred type of sev after ratlami sev online most Indians like cramming down on. Itextra spiciness is what sets is apart from the rest. A pack of laungsev along with the lunch box will make any simple dinner a gourmet.

4- Lahsun sev

Another highly preferred type of sev in our list of the most preferred namkeen sevs is the lahsun sev. It has the flavour of garlic the adds real taste to every morsel you take. It is well-said that garlic repels most people, but the garlic-infused lahsun sev attracts many when it comes to snacking. The other condiments in a perfect blend make this sev very delicious and leave anyone who eats it the first time with a lasting impression on the mind.

Adding some coriander leaves and chopped or grated onions can greatly increase its taste.

5- Hing sev

Talking about spicy sevs, along with lahsunsev, laungsev and ratlami sev online the hingsev is not an exception; it is exceptional. Having originated from Indore, the sev is found on almost every supermarket or grocer’s shelf. Although hing (asafoetida) is its most important condiment, several other spices give it a tangy and zingy taste.


The list of some of the tastiest sevs is really big. In this article, we have included the top-rated five types of sevs. We at Indore Online - https://www.indore.online/ offer a range of snacks, including ratlami sev online. You can buy ratlami sev online from our website.

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