Top 4 Laundry Measures That Help Keep Your Clothes Last Long

Learn about the important laundry measures that can help keep your clothes last longer.

The way you treat your clothes impacts upon the longevity of them. So in order to keep your clothes last longer and look good even after several washes there are certain measures that needs to be followed.

You would of course require the aid of laundry essentials such as stain removers, softeners, jumbo laundry hamper and many more. Apart from that you need to tend your clothes with extreme care.

Read till the end to find out what goes in the laundry measures for keeping your clothes last for a really long time.

  1. Examine, Treat & Re-examine stains of the clothes

When it comes to stains it can be a sneaky thing that can later ruin the whole look of your clothes. Plus, the longer you leave your them untreated the more they tend to build the permanence on your clothing item.

So before you put your clothes in the washer, check for the stains carefully if you find one then treat them immediately. But you job does not end there. After treating them and setting them inside the washer make sure to recheck the treated area.

Because it might happen that some stains require more than one time treatment for the complete removal. So remember to examine, treat and then re-examine the stains.

  1. Always be equipped with stain removal stick

The faster you act upon it the more easily they get removed. That’s what the mantra is when it comes to getting rid off the stain on your clothes. So what you can do instead is to always be prepared with a satin removing stick as spills or stain incidents can happen anywhere anytime.

However, don’t think of them as a magic wand that could make the stain disappear completely. You will have to wash the cloth afterward in order to get rid off the damage.

Also, you need to abide by the instruction that comes along with the stain removal pens or sticks. Otherwise, it won’t do the work that it is intended to do in the first place.

  1. Take note of fabric care labels

A lot us don’t pay much attention to the fabric care labels that are attached to the insides of the clothes. However, taking a careful note of them and following them is essential for your clothes. After all, they are there for a reason right?

The fabric care labels contain the brief of how to handle that particular item of cloth. If it says that ‘DRY CLEAN ONLY’ then you got to stick to the option of dry cleaning them specifically.

You not following these labels can seriously mess up the longevity of the clothes. They won’t even last for a second time use if you don’t pay attention to this fabric care guide.

  1. Sort out the clothes before putting them in the washer

You cannot just put every clothing item inside the washer and set it on for laundering. You got to make sure that you wash certain types of clothes separately.

For example, if you put white colored garments together with the colored clothing item then chances are that your white clothes don’t remain that way. Since color spill on white garments are very common to happen.

You need to take some time out to sort out the clothes before setting them inside the washer. This will prevent the damage and make your clothes last for a long time.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these measures diligently with the help of essential laundry equipment such as jumbo laundry hamper for sorting clothes, stain removal pen for treating stains and others. You’ll be amazed how taking up these measures can make the life of your clothes last long.

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