Kitchen Sinks

3 Major Kitchen Sink Types That Are Widely Used

Kitchen sinks need to be highly-functional and aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly, they need to precisely fit into your kitchen space.

Kitchen sinks are available in diverse shapes, sizes and styles now than ever before. Nonetheless, three major types of kitchen sinks are widely used these days in Aussie homes viz.

  1. Incorporated Kitchen Sinks,
  2. Over-Mount Kitchen Sinks &
  3. Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks.

This blog will explain each of these popular kitchen sink types and thereby assist you to choose the right kitchen sink that perfectly suits your kitchen decor and lifestyle.

1. Incorporated Kitchen Sinks

An incorporated sink is a custom kitchen sink that is usually created from the same material piece as the benchtop, providing a sleek and smooth look. Per the material used this type of sink works flawlessly in kitchens that need a neat and clean design flow or something a bit edgy and dissimilar from the usual. Available in a variety of materials and textures, the incorporated sink works seamlessly in kitchens with a pure, modest or modern look and feel. Kitchen tapware for incorporated sinks requires being either wall-mounted or directly installed into the benchtop.

2. Over-Mount Kitchen Sinks

An over-mount kitchen sink is a conventional drop-in style sink with a lip that sits over the benchtop. It provides the broadest range of bowl configurations and drainer tray alternatives. When it comes to installing tapware, drop-in sinks have the most flexible design options.  A large part comes with a tap landing with diverse tap-hole choices. Although, you can still choose the kitchen tapware to be wall-mounted or have it directly installed into the benchtop itself.

3. Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks

An under-mount kitchen sink (as the name states) is mounted beneath the benchtop. Under-mount sinks need ample structure and support for installation purposes. That’s why it’s critical to choose a suitable material for your kitchen benchtop before choosing a kitchen sink. Effortless to clean, this type of sink style won’t affect your benchtop aesthetics, as it makes use of the minimal surface area, creating a smooth and sleek look. Under-mount sinks are available in a range of finishes and styles. Most of the under-mount sinks don’t come with a tap landing, so the tapware will have to be wall-mounted or set up through the benchtop.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The stainless steel kitchen sink is ideal for a modern kitchen, as it has robust material having hygienic properties. Being heat resistant, stainless steel can endure boiling water and direct contact with hot pots and pans directly from the cooktop or oven. Depending on the product finish, it may require very little to zero maintenance, and it’s fully recyclable and won’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight. If what you’re looking for is the right piece to complete an outdoor kitchen or a coastal home, choose 316-marine grade stainless steel to avert oxidation and decay from the elements.

The Size of the Bowl

When choosing your kitchen sink, there exist many bowls and drainer configurations to pick from, and your selection will eventually impact the way your kitchen functions. That’s why it’s crucial to consider the following when picking the size for the sink.

  • Do you have a restricted kitchen bench space?
  • Have a dishwasher? How regularly do you use it?
  • How many persons are residing in your home?

The number of people living in your household will determine how big the kitchen sink you will require. A double bowl, 1.5 or 1.75 bowls will fulfil the needs of families who prepare food several times a week. In case you pick a sink without a draining tray, choose a detachable one that can be easily concealed when not in use.

If your kitchen is a small one having restricted bench space or you would be using your dishwasher more regularly than your kitchen sink, then you should opt for single bowl options. This will provide you with more bench space for food preparation and aid in keeping your benchtop appliances.

Accessories for the Kitchen Sink

These days, beautifying the kitchen sink with accessories has become a trend in kitchen design. They not only provide additional benefits to the sink’s functionality but also look awesome with the right accessories installed. The most widely used kitchen sink accessories include draining trays, chopping boards, basket wastes, colanders and bowl savers. Therefore, when it comes to selecting an ideal sink to suit your requirements, also consider accessories that come included and how they can assist you.

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