To Shut and Not to Shut: 5 Lock and Knob Types for Your House Doors

You can select from different kinds of door knobs and locks for your house. They are helpful in many different and unique ways, particularly for security, privacy and safety.

The door is among the most important parts of the house. It is also the first thing that one sees before entering your house or any area of it. Mainly, the door is for your own security, and you also pay attention to how it looks as it shows how you can make your shelter a presentable one too.

In building your house or renovating and modifying it, the door must be on the list of top priorities. It is often used, thus, you must be convenient and comfortable when doing so. You can select from different kinds of door knobs and locks, and to aid you with that, below is a list of them.




The passage lockset is designed to be placed and used inside the house. This is recommended for rooms where you do not need much privacy. It can be considered as a faux lock since it does not really lock. It just keeps the door fastened to its frame. Although it’s a lockset and knob, it is most often found on cabinets and doors you just don’t want and need to seal. Separating doors on hallways also most often have this. The passage lockset is composed of two non-locking knobs or levers. 



As its name implies, the privacy lockset is intended for guaranteed privacy. House areas that need that are primarily bedrooms and bathrooms. The knob has a keyhole outside and a push button as a lock inside. If not a push button, it can be the one that you turn clockwise and clockwise to lock and unlock. This type is not ideal for main doors, obviously. It is not the best for security purposes because it can be opened through a paper clip or hair pin. It is chiefly to let the person outside know that someone’s inside, and he/she needs privacy. 




If you are looking for a lock type that gives the highest security feature, it’s the deadbolt lockset. From the inside, you turn the key or the knob without the involvement of spring; that’s why it’s called “deadbolt”. 

There are various deadbolt lockset kinds too. The single-cylinder, the double-cylinder and the keyless cylinder are some of them. This lockset is the best shield against any attacks and intrusions. While some lock types can be broken using tough and sharp tools, the deadbolt lockset makes that almost impossible for itself, if not totally impossible. 

This one directly and firmly latches the door to the frame itself. When the door is closed and locked, the door is closed and locked. That’s it. 



The handleset comes in so many styles and polishes. It is usually used for entry doors. Not on its own but with a deadbolt lockset, this one functions. Above the handle is the deadbolt located. 



The night latch is suitable for interior use, especially at night time. This lock is exactly attached to the door’s surface. From the outside of the door, you can open and close it by a key. From inside, there’s a small knob, usually oval in shape, which must be turned to lock and unlock. Most of the ones in this type has an automatic locking feature that assures the door is kept closed at all times although not locked. There’s a huge latch with a spring that enables it to do so.

This lock type is only for light security purposes because as mentioned earlier, though it can automatically close the door, it can’t unintentionally lock by itself. Also, the night latch is most often used together with another lock type.




There you have them, several types of door locks and knobs! Aside from the ones listed above, there are many others. Your custom home builder can help with finding them out and understanding more of their functions and features. They can guide you in choosing which among them is the best for your type as well. 

Doors, although they mostly look the same and, of course, function the same way, should be paid utmost attention. Presentability is a reason, but on top of all is security which you must always be on guard. 



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