7 Types of Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

So, these were seven kinds of flowers that you can grow in your garden and make it more beautiful and elegant.

Whether you want to brighten up your day, or only your outdoor space, you can be assured that a splendid garden of the aromatic and floral display will do the job. From plants that need minimum maintenance to flowers that require a great deal of care, there is numerous list of shades, styles, and types of flowers to pick from. The one you choose will typically depend on both the space you have to work with and your lifestyle. Right fertilizers, decent soil, a bit of love and care, and a piece of beneficial advice from your florist in Hyderabad will make sure that your garden looks beautiful and bright always.

So, here we will discuss the types of flowers you should grow in your garden.

Gloriosa Daisy 

Also known as ‘Black-Eyed Susan,’ this ideal plant exhibits bright yellow and orange petals with a sharp brown-black center. This floral variety is perfect for the months of summer, as it will entice butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to the garden. It can gain a height of up to 3.5 feet and is efficient of growing in cooler climates, meaning it can last longer than other varieties of flowers.


Marigold is an excellent option for green-fingered connoisseurs with a busy lifestyle, as it is easy to plant and care for. You can adjust them to fit in your existing garden or diverge them with other plants that you may previously have in place, as there is a range of colors to pick from. Your garden will exhibit a colorful hue for many months, as these flowers bloom for the entire summer season.


Usually labeled as one of the best plants to select in the months of summer, this beautiful and fragrant flower is almost maintenance-free. It will quickly adjust to its surrounding climate and atmosphere as soon as it hits the soil.


This splendidly hued floral species is an excellent option for people who choose to have something more exotic in their garden. They are great for the summer season and will provide an immediate hit of color to your garden. They can gain a height of up to three feet and will entice a lot of wildlife to your garden. However, beardtongue requires a bit more care, especially when installing the flower. Also, beardtongue needs more space compared to other types of flowers and prefers to be near a fence or wall.


These charming, symmetrical balls with their brilliantly colored petals will undoubtedly add a barrage of color to your garden. There are a lot of shades and styles to pick from, and all the varieties grow to different heights. Dahlia is a great option to order online & get flower delivery in Mumbai to your loved ones.


Requiring little care or water, Coreopsis is one of the longer-lasting summer variants capable of tolerating drought as well. They are an excellent option for the busy gardener because once planted; they will not cause you any hassle. Their bright yellow perpetual blooms will surely make the passer-by stop and look twice at this wonder. Apart from that, they are also a superb option for people who want to entice butterflies to the garden.

Pineapple Lily

 Pineapple Lily is an exotic species that will bring an elegant feel to your garden. These flowers look a lot similar to a pineapple with their fleshy leaves and tropical-looking flower spikes, just as their name suggests. They originally belong to the Asparagus family and are an excellent option for the summer season, as this is the time for them to bloom. They are an extremely versatile option as they are suited to both pots and grow bags and can also be placed indoors. Pineapple Lilies usually grow to a height of 12 and 15 inches and will make a fantastic display piece for your garden. They are exceptionally easy to care for in spite of looking particularly unique and striking in style.

Your garden is fully flourished, you can make a handpicked collection, and send flowers to Hyderabad and surprise your special one.

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