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Early Signs of Spotting Water Leakage Problem In Your House

There is no doubt in the fact that water serves to be the most important thing in our lives. We consume litres of it on a daily basis and it is almost used in all kinds of kitchen or most household tasks as well.

There is no doubt in the fact that water serves to be the most important thing in our lives. We consume liters of it on a daily basis and it is almost used in all kinds of the kitchen or most household tasks as well. But with all the significance, the case becomes entirely the opposite, if any amount of water is found being stuck inside the corners of the house or in the foundation. Yes, while such a condition often arises in the form of water leaks, the majority of homeowners don’t get to see its presence until they start seeing the health of their house deteriorating.

As this is exactly where this article is aimed at helping you, we have listed down some of the signs that can help you in spotting early water leak problems and eventually also help you in taking help from our services of waterproofing Westport CT

Presence of Soggy Soil Outside The Basement 

If the water has started to pool in the exterior parts of your house, this can be a major alert for the foundation. While such a scenario is always created because of rainwater, another reason behind the soil of the landscape around your house becoming soggy can be a blocked gutter system which would probably be finding it hard to displace water away from your residence properly. If you’re not going to pay close attention to the soggy soil, sooner or later this will start affecting the foundation of your house and especially if you happen to a basement. 

Moist Drywall

One of the most common signs that homeowners often ignore is moist drywall. People often start to depend on the quality of the drywall in such cases and as a result, the drywall in no time starts to look discolored and stained all because of pooled water - along with the risk of it falling down as well. The two primary areas where drywalls are more affected by the presence of water are near to the roof or the ones that are attached to the foundation. 

Wet Surfaces In Basement 

As we are continuously stressing on how water first affects the foundation of your house, if you see wet surfaces in your basement, then this definitely is a prominent sign of water leak. The rule is that the walls and floors of your basement should not be damp to touch but if that is happening then there is a chance of excessive evaporation from some part and the sooner you will solve this problem, the better it would be for you.

Now that you know these common signs, we hope you will be able to save your home right on time. Another most important thing on the list is a company being licensed and insured to provide waterproofing services. This is because while license serves to be a great proof of quality that is also approved by the state, insurance plans help for when there is any negligence from the contractor’s side - that could have cost you some financial damage.

When the condition of water leakage arises, there is always a great amount of panic for the homeowner not only because with time such a problem can deteriorate the health of the house but finding the right waterproofing company in Somers NY can also be one difficult task. With all the options that you will have around you or find on the internet, you will hear big claims from almost all of them and very few would actually be able to deliver what they promise. 
In order to spot the most professional company for the task, here are some things that you have to keep your eyes on. 


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