5 Hatchways To Solve Hitches Of Instant Water Geyser

Whether for home or office the Instant Water Geyser is an excellent investment to save money, time and electricity. It does not only have the highest efficiency but also help in heating water in demand.


Whether for home or office the Instant Water Geyser is an excellent investment to save money, time and electricity.  It does not only have the highest efficiency but also help in heating water in demand. They are like a blessing for our fast-paced life when we want everything instant; whether it is noodles or water heating.

For these super efficiencies the Instant Water Geyser has become an important part of almost every Indian household. People dont need to wait long to start their warm rejuvenating process after a hard day.

Just like with every blessing there lies the drawback. The customers are complaining about some of the problems that come up with the maintenance of the tankless water heater.

Here are 5 main problems as recognized by the users for which we will discuss the solution in the latter part of the write-up.

1. Mineral buildup
2. System overload
3. Cold water sandwich
4. Air supply or exhaust blockage message
5. No ignition message

Now we will divulge the ways to encounter and find out the solutions for each of the problem.

Problem #1 – Mineral Buildup: This is not an exclusive problem of the Instant Water Geyser, rather you can say, it is a common problem for every type of water heater. You always keep a close eye on the mineral buildup inside the heater. The scope of the problem increases in case the water in your area is hard that is full of minerals. It will enhance the damage at the internal wall of the heater due to excessive mineral buildup. The two most dangerous minerals are calcium and magnesium that often end up in scaly buildup. Finally, it may impair the functionality of the water heater. To overcome this problem, the best thing you can do is to flush out the water heater with a store brought descaler kit every six months. The water softener is another way to get rid of the problem.

Problem #2 – System Overload: In case you are running too many functions of the hot water that may surpass its capacity. It may overload the water heater. As a result, it may struggle to supply the water or shut down all of a sudden when there is too much overload. In this case, you need to cut down the demand of the hot water on an immediate basis. The thing you need to do is limit the simultaneous tasks in order to cut down the supply of hot water. If you find that your Instant Water Geyser is not capable to supply all the required demand for hot water, you have to upgrade the capacity of it by purchasing a new one or adding another unit.

Problem #3 – Cold Water Sandwich: It is a common problem of the household where people can take back to back shower. For example, just after one member finishes the shower and the other member starts it, the later person will get perfectly hot water at first then suddenly a few seconds of cold splashes will be there before resuming the hot water shower. This problem is recognized and considered as the cold water sandwich. It is just because of the reason that the cold water was suppressed in the pipe and it comes out before the recently heated water. Honestly, there is no way to avoid this problem, only you have to wait before getting into the shower.

Problem #4 – Air Supply Or Exhaust Is Blocked: If the display of your Instant Water Geyser shows any error code for the blockage of the air supply. It simply means that the heater is struggling with combustion air. The first thing you have to do is checking the pipes for any punctured hole. You can take a look at the user manual to check whether the installation has blocked as it can also have fire hazards. Along with that, the nests of birds, wasps or rodent can also block the ventilation. You need to take a close look to find out any of the problems and instantly get rid of it.

Problem #5 – Ignition Failure: Due to many reasons, the instant heater stops to ignite like gas supply, not the opening of the gas valve and a few others. You need to ensure that the propane tank is full before you start checking for other reasons. If you cannot solve the problem, then it may be the indication of some other bigger issue for which you need to call the electrician.  

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